Xbox Series X and S: Whatever you need to understand, where to discover stock

The next generation of Xbox is here, in the type of not one console but two: the Xbox Series X and Series S.

With vastly updated specs, and a series of new features– however also the choice to work well with whatever you already have, including your old video games and accessories.

Here’s whatever you need to know about the two new consoles.

What’s the rate?

The Xbox Series X is $500 or ₤ 450.

The Series S is $299 or ₤ 249.

Information on the difference can be discovered below.

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Can I get them now?

With trouble – similar to the PS5, as soon as stock can be found in anywhere, it’s gone within minutes.

What’s the distinction between the Xbox Series X and S?

In short: size, shape, shade and specs. So almost everything.

The Series S is white, where the X is black. And the design is usually various: the Series X is a huge black box, where the Series S is much slimmer and akin to the shape of the existing generation, as well as being so little that it might suit the Series X twice over.

The most obvious distinction in specifications is that the Series S does not have a disc drive. But there are other more hardcore differences, too: they have the exact same CPU, however the Series X has a much more effective GPU, much more RAM and twice the storage at 1TB instead of 512GB.

Those distinctions will come across in video games, though it’s still unclear how visible they will be.

The rate is clearly different, too, with the Series S costing ₤ 200 less than the Series X, or almost half the price.

What video games are on it?

Plenty, though perhaps not as many as you might anticipate. You can find full details here.

What controllers and devices come with it?

The controller that includes the Series X and S– which is the same, though varies in colour– is quite like the one that comes with the Xbox One. It has actually received a brand-new “share” button and a new texture, as well as better efficiency, however the same standard shape and size.

Microsoft has actually verified that there will be total backward compatibility with its own official devices. Any first-party accessory that works with the Xbox One will work with the Series X, it said in a post, and most significant third-party ones should, too.

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