World War II veteran, 98, passes away after contracting Covid 75 years after

A WORLD War Two veteran who stormed the beaches during the Normany Landings 75 years earlier has passed away after contracting coronavirus.

Costs Anderson, 98, passed away on January 30 after falling ill with Covid – however has actually been remembered by his family for his heroic fights serving the Allied forces.

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The veteran was born in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, on January 6, 1923 – and was the oldest son of 12 kids.

He initially met his fiancée Jenny when they were 14 and she worked near where he lived.

William and Jenny wed on June 30, 1945, shortly prior to the war ended.

And at the age of 20, he signed up with the war as a tank chauffeur – with his very first day of service on June 6, 1944.

The veteran drove a Sherman M3 tank onto Juno beach on the day of the Normandy Landings, along with commanding the very first tank to cross the Orne River Bridge throughout Operation Tonga.

His car was the only one in the Troop not to be destroyed.

Expense’s only child Richard, 68, from Southminster, Essex, explained his daddy as a “great man” and an “absolute model of regard.”

He stated: “It was an opportunity and an honour to know him and to be his kid. He was my dad, but he was also my best friend.

” For him to have endured everything he did throughout the war and live to inform us the tale was incredible.

” If I can achieve half of what he attained in his life, I understand I will have lived an excellent life.”

Richard keeps the memory of his daddy well and really alive – and has written 100 page records of Bill’s life, which he shares with his own kids.

Expense, who served with the A Squadron Troop 4 as part of the East Riding Yeomanry, was thrown into the D-Day action on his first day of active service on June 6, 1944.

His boy stated: “They were at full throttle. The ramp went down and a half-track went off first and vanished.

” Dad saw an arm come out of a window, however it sank and that was it. Someone stepped in front of the visor and indicated Costs to stop and the ramp turned up again.

” The next thing he knew the ramp had opened again and he was on Juno beach with the Canadians.”

He added: “He battled his way through Belgium and France in support of the 51st Highland Routine.

” He fought in the forests of the Ardennes and his routine went to Holland and helped to clear the enemy resistance.

” His experience indicated he was likewise an excellent mechanic and he received a citation for ensuring his tank was not when found to be not battle-worthy.”

Expense’s partner Jenny, now 98, has survived her spouse, and lives in the house the couple shared in Althorne, Essex.

In 2019, Bill participated in the 75th anniversary of D-Day at Burnham war memorial – where he was surprised to discover individuals wishing to shake his hand.

Richard stated: “He thought he was simply going there to remember his mates, but there was a queue of people wanting to shake his hand.”

Speaking at the time, Expense stated: “I never pictured numerous individuals would wish to shake my hand, thank me for what I did and wish me well.

” I was astonished and humbled by all of it, specifically as I just did what I was trained to do.”

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Expense passed away on January 30, aged 98, after contracting Covid.

A private funeral service is due to take place in Chelmsford on April 12.

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