Woman’s DIY fake tan recipe using tea bags guarantees summer glow for

Anyone who’s used fake tan before knows it’s not always smooth sailing – it’s time consuming and there’s a tonne of steps involved to give you that ‘I’ve just spent two weeks abroad’ glow.

But try as you might, there’s always a risk that you’ll end up resembling an orange tiger loaf.

Now, a woman has revealed how she guarantees a gorgeous streak-free summer tan all year long using an item you most probably have at home….tea bags.

According to The Sun a beauty fan demonstrates how to make your own gradual tanner by adding tea to your body moisturiser in a video shared on Blossom,

Brew a cuppa with a few tea bags
(Image: Blossom/Instagram)

Although the tan isn’t necessarily instant, it can give you a subtle glow all year round when used daily.

The first thing you need to do is to brew a cup of tea just like you usually would – pop your tea bag into a cup and pour in some boiling water.

But instead of adding your sugar and milk, take the tea bag out and squeeze it straight into your moisturiser – the more tea bags you use, the darker your tan will be.

Ring out the tea bags into your moisturiser
(Image: Blossom/Instagram)

If your moisturiser is in a tube or bottle it might be a good idea to put some lotion into a separate pot first to make it easier when you’re straining your tea bag.

Once you’ve mixed it all together just apply to your body as normal once or twice a day for that smooth, silky tan. 

Although the method seems slightly unconventional, it can leave you with amazing results for 30 days.

You’ll still have a healthy glow after 30 days
(Image: Blossom/Instagram)

But if you’re stuck in your fake tan ways, we have some more tips to help you on your way.

Beauty lover Lauren shared a four-step tanning routine to tan her “super pale” self.

She starts by exfoliating her entire body in the shower, then goes on to moisturise dry areas like her knees, ankles, wrists and elbows.

Lauren then goes in with the St Tropez Extra Dark tan, before letting it process and washing it off the next day.

But her secret behind maintaining her glow is using gradual tanner every day afterwards.

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