Woman, 2, begs to use the toilet after ‘FIVE stores and cafes refused to

A WOMAN begged her mum to use the toilet after 5 shops and cafes reportedly refused to let her use the bathroom due to Covid fears.

Lucinda Taylor-Milne, 33, had actually been travelling through Sheffield city centre on Tuesday morning last week when Lola became desperate to use the toilet.

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The mum hurried to Starbucks and asked to utilize their facilities, but claims she was informed the toilet was closed and personnel didn’t have a key.

She then dashed between Caffe Nero, Boots and Marks & Spencer, however once again, declares she was informed the toilets were closed in all 3 of the locations.

Lucinda declares staff at the last two stores might see her child was visibly upset and panicked, as she was asking “please, I require a wee wee” – however they still stood firm due to Covid guidelines.

The mum and child were finally permitted to use a McDonald’s toilet – despite having supposedly declined them previously.

After being criticised for videoing her daughter in distress, Lucina countered and stated if she had actually not shot the occurrence then people “would [not] have actually taken it seriously or seen how distressing it was”.

The mum is now contacting personnel working at similar outlets to use their discretion and make an exception when required.

Lucinda said: “She was sobbing and saying ‘please, I require a wee wee’ when we went to Marks & Spencer and Boots.

” [Those 2] shops could clearly see my daughter was upset, yet they still said no.

” I began to panic, then I got upset due to the fact that I might see my child. She went ‘I don’t wish to damp my knickers. I do not wish to wee my pants’.”.


Lucinda stated her and her child were heading to a health center consultation, and had actually taken 4 buses on their trip.

She said she was told the she wasn’t able to utilize the toilet at Starbucks as it was closed “due to Covid”.

She stated: “Then I went to Caffe Nero and they had a huge sign stating their toilets were closed.

” I stated ‘excuse me, can I utilize your toilet please?’ And they said ‘no, sorry it’s closed’.

” I returned over to Greggs to see if my order was prepared, but they said it ‘d be 3 more minutes, so, I rushed over to Boots and I was sure they had a toilet.

” I talked to security on the door and basically he stated ‘sorry, they’re blocked off and no one’s permitted to use them’.

” I stated ‘it’s for my daughter. She requires the toilet’.

” I visited M&S and they stated ‘sorry, however the toilets are closed’. I reiterated it was my daughter who required it.

” They might all see it was my child who needed the toilet since she was screaming it.”.

After being contacted for remark, Boots and Marks & Spencer apologised for the upset caused to Lucinda and Lola, vowing to talk to their staff.

A spokesperson for Boots said: “We are sorry for the trouble triggered to Lucinda and her daughter. We recognise that there are events when it is suitable to enable clients to utilize the associate toilet facilities in our stores and we will advise the team in Sheffield of this policy.”.

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A spokesperson for Marks & Spencer said: “We are sorry for the upset this cased Lucinda and her daughter.

” We have needed to temporarily close the toilets at our Fargate shop due to the present lockdown limitations, however we have ensured that all colleagues are aware that they can open the toilets for a consumer in situations like this.”.

Starbucks, McDonald’s and Caffe Nero were likewise called for remark but are yet to react.

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