Why millennials and Gen Z are feuding over side parts and skinny jeans

There are just a couple of years in between millennials and Gen Z, yet a style chasm has opened between the two generations over a distaste for side parts and slim denims that appears undue to overcome.

The subject of side parts, and the older generations’ affinity for them, has been making its method around TikTok for months, with a viral video by a user who goes by Girl Gleep increasing the conversation over the summer season after she motivated her fellow TikTok users to “prove me incorrect, however I don’t think there is a single person who looks much better with a side part than they do a middle part”.

Lady Gleep is not alone in her opinion, as many other members of her generation, which describes those born after 1997, have actually knocked the side part while preserving that the middle part is really the more exceptional hair-parting design.

Since 18 February, the hashtag #middlepart has collected more than 142.8 m views on the app.

The discourse likewise made its method to Twitter, where millennials have attempted to comprehend Gen Z’s hatred towards side parts.

” Someone needs to compose an article about TikTok teenager’s fascination with disliking on the side part (yes this is a thing) I am fascinated,” writer Jessica Valenti tweeted in October.

As a result, numerous millennials have actually discovered themselves in a hard position, with some trying to switch their hairstyles to harmonize the more youthful TikTok generation, while others have actually persevered in their dedication to the side part.

” Me, a long-lasting side-parter, requiring a middle part so Gen Z does not know I’m old,” TikTok user Valerie Gisselle, who goes by the username captioned a TikTok in January.

Others have experimented with the middle part on TikTok just to prove that a side part is really more lovely, with user showing her parting her hair in the middle while telling: “So today I found out that it is not cool to have a side part. You’re not going to inform me that doing this is much better due to the fact that I had this.”

” No, middle parts are stupid. I want volume,” she continued as she fluffed up her hair again.

She likewise pointed out that when millennials were young, middle parts were not in style, captioning the video: “I got bullied for this hairdo. I refuse to give up my side part.”

In addition to releasing an attack on side parts, Gen Z TikTok has actually likewise recently mocked millennial love of slim jeans, with numerous videos dedicated to describing why the style is no longer in style and has instead been changed with straight leg, mother jean, boot cut or partner designs.

However, for some millennials, the more criticisms have actually triggered them to dismiss the younger generation’s style recommendations on the basis that Gen Z has actually been known for making questionable options, such as consuming Tide Pods.

” I’m sorry but the generation that ate Tide Pods does not get a say in where the part in my hair goes or what trousers I use. Thanks,” Taylor Rains, who passes the username reacted in one TikTok.

## sew with y’ all ate tide pods. I’ll part my hair on the side and use skinny denims. Delight in the 90s fashion rn. youre welcome. ♬ initial sound – Taylor Rains

Others have actually just expressed their desire for the more youthful generation to be more accepting, and not “bully” millennials into using specific types of clothing or styling their hair a particular way.

It is likewise worth noting that Gen Z did not invent middle parts nor straight leg or boot cut jeans, as both styles have been around long before the teen generation discovered them.

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