Why isn’t Gujarat working out authority over AMC: Gujarat HC

The division bench of Gujarat high court came down greatly on the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), which has been hearing a suo motu public interest lawsuits over the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, for its orders including admitting only patients from Ahmedabad in the AMC-run hospitals.

The division bench headed by the Gujarat HC chief justice Vikram Nath also asked why the state federal government was not exercising its control over the AMC. “We stop working to understand regarding why the state has actually not provided instructions to the corporation, which is a firm of state just, constituted and established under a state Act viz. The Gujarat Provincial Municipal Corporations Act, 1949, and would be within the control and guidance of the state as provided in Chapter XXVIII thereof,” he said.”The corporation can not neglect the instructions of the state. Why the state is not exercising its authority. There is no response and why must the corporation have a various policy than the state is also not understood nor the very same is open to any reasonable justification.” While AMC had earlier firmly insisted that only the patients utilizing a 108 ambulance will be admitted to a hospital, supposedly leading to extreme loss of lives, the high court taped that “108 ambulance center is a plan of the state federal government and not of the corporation, and therefore, whatever guidelines or policy of use of 108 ambulances is to be created by the state, the corporation would be bound to follow it”. Insisting on transparency, the court stated, “In the previous orders, we had actually explained that data of schedule of beds need to be shown on a real-time basis so that there is no harassment to the patients from ranging from one health center to another. We do not find any such response from the state in today affidavit relating to the same and as such the harassment to the clients and attendants still continue.” The court further said that “if this details is provided of all the medical facilities, which include the government, corporation, designated and personal healthcare facilities, it would become much more transparent and easier for the clients and their attendants”.

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