Who is Margaret Keenan? First individual to get the Covid vaccine in the

MARGARET KEENAN has actually ended up being the very first person to be offered a Covid jab as part of the mass vaccination campaign being presented throughout the UK.

However who is she, why was she chose first and who else will get the vaccine?

Who is Margaret Keenan ?? Margaret Keenan, 90, ended up being the first patient on the planet to receive the Pfizer coronavirus jab following its scientific approval as the NHS released its vaccine project on Tuesday.

She is a retired jewellery assistant from Coventry and will be 91 next week.

She has a child, a boy and four grandchildren.

Originally from Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, she has actually lived in Coventry in the West Midlands for more than 60 years.

She will receive a booster jab in 21 days to ensure she has the very best chance of being secured versus the infection.

Why is she getting the covid vaccine initially ?? Around 50 medical facilities in the NHS have started administering the vaccine to individuals over 80, who are either hospitalised or have actually outpatient visits scheduled, together with assisted living home employees.

Margaret satisfied these requirements and got the chance at University Medical facility Coventry at 6:31 a.m

. She said: “It’s the best early birthday present I could wish for due to the fact that it means I can lastly anticipate spending time with my friends and family in the New Year after being on my own for the majority of the year.”

She said felt incredibly “privileged to be the first person immunized against COVID-19.”

Who else has actually got the vaccine?? Margaret is amongst hundreds of OAPs and NHS personnel will get the vaccine on what is being called V-Day.

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Grandfather, Dr Hari Shukla, 87, was the very first person in Newcastle to get the jab along with partner Ranjan, 84, and told: “I’m happy to do my duty.”

Approximately four million more are anticipated by the end of the month.

Hubs in the UK will vaccinate over-80s and some health and care staff – the programme intends to secure the most susceptible and return life to normal.

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