We will not swallow brand-new reasons for reducing our liberties once over

Try flexibility

EXACTLY how urgently is the Government looking for to raise the lockdown? Too many ministers clearly think our troubling house arrest is an acceptable status quo.

backs the present constraints and, by and large, the proposed dates to lift them.

But it is worrying to hear Transport Secretary Grant Shapps caution that “individuals should not be scheduling vacations today”.

That even for UK summertime breaks to go ahead, “a lot of different things need to come together”. Boris Johnson echoed that “unpredictability” last night.

It is a woeful, supine position. And shambolic too, because the Health Secretary has scheduled HIS Cornish trip.

The lockdown has actually slashed deaths, hospitalisations and cases.

The vaccines must speed up that fall imminently, as our exclusive information of the very first incredible PHE data revealed yesterday.

Once over-50s have had at least one shot, and assuming no jab-resistant stress has actually engulfed Britain, deaths and hospitalisations ought to be a portion of present levels.

Brits will desire our stores, bars, restaurants and hols back.

For months we’ll have dutifully stayed home, saved lives and safeguarded the NHS.

We will not swallow new reasons for cutting our liberties.

EU did what?

WHEN you remain in a hole, stop digging. Sound advice for Ursula von der Leyen.

Because her new apology for the EU vaccine catastrophe included a shocking confession.

That if she had let her 27 members purchase their own jabs “it would have been the end of our community”.

She sacrificed lives, then, to support EU unity.

Brussels should be under no illusions about the rising fury over this disaster.

Britain has actually done more jabs now than the whole of the Continent.

We appear not to be the incompetent, insular, racist backwater Remain diehards pretended, which will be why five million EU people have now selected to stay here regardless of Brexit. Excellent on them.

For EU leaders, the news becomes worse.

Their shameful attempts to challenge our Oxford jab have actually come unstuck.

They are still denying it to their over-65s, claiming it “does not work”– and pretending Britain took unsafe threats delaying the second dose up to 12 weeks.

Other Than the World Health Organisation has now unequivocally endorsed the jab … and the technique.

What’s Brussels’ next excuse?

Huge orders

EVEN when they resume, clubs will need all the Federal government help they can get.

So many remain in dire straits.

So Rishi Sunak need to extend his VAT cut, to 5 per cent for hospitality firms, for the remainder of the year and perhaps beyond.

Jabs look set to end this crisis. A VAT cut will be the shot in the arm our pubs need.

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