Uttarakhand floods: Rescue efforts hindered by water accumulation

Tapovan: Rescuers pumped out the water built up in the’s flood-ravaged Tapovan tunnel on Wednesday as they continued efforts on the 11th day to discover survivors of the February 7 glacial catastrophe.

Sludge clearing at the adit tunnel, where eleven bodies were recuperated just recently, was temporarily suspended considering that Tuesday night due to the seepage of water which was flushed out with the assistance of submersible pumps supplied by the NTPC, NDRF Commandant PK Tiwari told.

“Elimination of damp particles with JCBs is difficult. So it was decided to resume muck clearing just after flushing out water collected inside the intake adit tunnel,” he said. However, the particles clearing exercise resumed at 3.15 PM after pumping out water, NDRF Deputy Commandant AP Singh said.It appears reaching the possible area of those feared trapped inside a lower tunnel running parallel to the adit tunnel will take longer as rescue personnel have actually had the ability to go just approximately 150 metres inside intake adit, Tiwari said. “The most significant difficulty is the fresh slush flowing in as we move ahead clearing the particles inside the tunnel,” Tiwari said.Apart from searching inside the tunnel and near the barrage of the NTPC’s Tapovan-Vishnugad project website, the NDRF rescue teams are likewise browsing along the banks of the Alaknanda river and near a temple in Raini where villagers believe some people to be caught, he said.It is the l lth day given that the disaster struck following the burst of a glacier in Rishiganga, and the hopes of families waiting on their missing out on kin are also on the wane. There is no longer a crowd of waiting loved ones near Tapovan tunnel, while the one seen en route to the Tapovan barrage is thinning away with simply a number of persons seen on Wednesday making enquiries about the missing.So far, 58 bodies of disaster victims have actually been recovered consisting of 11 from a tunnel in Tapovan, while 146 people are still missing.

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