United States to continue push Pakistan on supporting diplomatic efforts to

The United States will continue to push Pakistan hard on supporting the diplomatic efforts to make sure peace in Afghanistan as it has an interest over the longer term in avoiding insecurity and instability in the war-torn neighbouring nation that can overflow and affect its own interest, CIA Director William Burns has said.Burns was reacting to a question from Congressman Adam Schiff, who is the Chairman of the powerful Home Intelligence Committee.”Our withdrawal from Afghanistan, what effect do you believe that will have on the Pakistani relationship with the Taliban, the Pakistani intelligence, ISI relationship with the Haqqani network or others? How do you see that changing without a United States military existence there?” Schiff asked during the conference on Thursday.”Pakistan today is playing a positive role in assistance of the diplomatic efforts, a minimum of that the United States and other countries are making to attempt to bridge what is, at the minute, a pretty serious gap in between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban,” Burns responded.The CIA Director informed lawmakers that Pakistan has an interest over the longer term in avoiding the sort of insecurity and instability in Afghanistan that can overflow and impact its own interest.”So, because sense, it continues to have a stake in– in a form of stability in Afghanistan too and we’ll continue to press them hard in that direction,” Burns said.Briefing members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on the worldwide hazard assessment of the United States, Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence said that the battling in Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria has a direct implication on United States forces, while tensions in between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan stay an issue for the world.The iterative violence between Israel and Iran, the activity of foreign powers in Libya, and disputes in other areas, including Africa and the Middle East have the prospective to intensify or spread, she said.Responding to a concern from Indian-American Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi on Afghanistan, Burns stated that under the agreement that was reached last year with the Taliban, they have an obligation to make sure that neither Al Qaeda in Afghanistan nor ISIS in Afghanistan can pose that type of hazard.”With regard to ISIS in Afghanistan, the Taliban have long fought them. They’re ideological rivals. And with regard to Al Qaeda, our expectation is they’re going to live up to their responsibility and, you know, continue to make sure that Al Qaeda can’t again utilize Afghanistan as a platform to phase external attacks,” Burns said.US President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced that all United States soldiers would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by September 11 to end America’s longest war that has cost trillions of dollars and the lives of over 2,400 American soldiers.During a televised address to the country, Biden stated that keeping thousands of soldiers grounded and focused in simply one country at a cost of billions each year made “little sense” to him and to other leaders and prompted nations in the region, particularly Pakistan, along with Russia, China, India and Turkey to “do more” to assist make sure peace in Afghanistan.

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