Trump Jr slams John Kerry as Biden’s environment czar seen flying WITHOUT

DONALD Trump Jr has called John Kerry a “Liberal hypocrite” after he was found on an American Airlines plane wearing no mask.

The ex-president’s 43-year-old kid asked if Kerry would now be fined for flouting Biden’s January 21 executive order mandating face coverings during interstate travel.

After Biden made the executive American Airlines needs all travelers wear masks on board.

However Kerry, who is the President’s personal jet-using environment envoy, appears to have actually forgotten the guidelines.

The Tennessee Star reported how a fellow guest photographed him using no mask while flying from Boston to Washington.

Reacting to the supposed mask flouting, Trump Jr tweeted: “SPOTTED: Liberal hypocrite & Biden Admin official flouting Federal mask mandate.

” NOTE: His mask is off & he isn’t eating or drinking.

” Will he be fined for breaking the law & prohibited from flying like routine residents would be?”

In response to the image, American Airlines tweeted “We require masks onboard our aircraft and are checking out this.”

In a declaration launched last month, the airline company stated: “Consistent with U.S. federal government regulations, individuals who decline to wear a mask might be rejected boarding, eliminated from the aircraft or subject to penalties under federal law, in addition to being barred from future travel with American.”

Kerry has not comment on the photo.

It comes after Ted Cruz was seen flying without a mask in July aboard an American Airlines flight– and the airline company states they’re investigated what happened.

Cruz, a Republican Politician from Texas, was aboard a business flight on Sunday, looking down at his phone and not using any face covering, according to an image published to Twitter.

In January, it emerged the private jet of Kerry’s family gave off as much carbon dioxide in the past year as 36 passenger cars.

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Kerry’s family jet logged about 166 metric tons of carbon from February 9, 2020 to January 10, 2021, Fox News reported on Friday utilizing the Paramount Company Jets emissions calculator.

As a point of contrast, the normal automobile produces an estimated 4.6 metric tons of co2 every year, presuming it travels 11,500 miles and signs up about 22 miles per gallon, according to the Epa.

Moreover, personal jets discharge as much as 40 times as much co2 per traveler than industrial flights do.

Biden appointed Kerry, a former Secretary of State, as his Special Presidential Envoy for Environment in late November.

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