Trump is ‘pushing tough’ for green light on ‘wonder’ Covid vaccine and

DONALD Trump is “pressing hard” for a thumbs-up on the “miracle” Covid vaccine and stated he hopes he will remain in power.

” We are extremely hopeful that the FDA will approve the Pfizer vaccine within days,” the president stated.

He highlighted that the approval is upcoming as he has actually been “pressing them hard.”

Trump said that if the vaccine is authorized, “tens of millions” will be available to Americans this month.

He added that the strategy that he put forward will focus on the elderly, those with hidden conditions and healthcare workers.

” Individuals who like or do not like Trump are stating this is among the best wonders in the history of modern-day medicine,” the president stated.

The president made the remarks at an Operation Terminal Velocity Vaccine Summit press rundown at the White Home on Tuesday, where press reporters were updated on the coronavirus scenario.

Everyone in the crowd appeared to be wearing masks as Trump thanked key players in Operation Terminal velocity for their aid.

As the meeting came to a close the president signed an executive order to guarantee that distributing the vaccine to other countries is a lower priority than getting Americans inoculated.

Trump stated the legislature will “make sure that American people have first priority to get American vaccines.”

The update came as reported that the amount of validated coronavirus cases in the country tipped 15million.

As reporters were requested for concerns focus shifted a little from the vaccine, leaning towards a transition of power.

One reporter asked the president why he did not consist of members of President-elect Joe Biden’s team in the conversations.

” Well we’re gon na have to see who the next administration is, because we won in the swing states,” Trump stated.

” Whichever the next administration is will really benefit by what we have actually been able to do about this.

” Hopefully the next administration will be the Trump administration because you can’t take hundreds of thousands of votes.”

Commenting on CDC guidelines advising versus traveling for the holidays, one reporter asked Trump why he has been holding “parties” throughout the pandemic.

” Well, they’re Christmas parties,” Trump stated.

He likewise insisted that the visitor list was reduced which partygoers were wearing masks.

However, it was reported just hours prior to that Trump’s legal representative, Jenna Ellis, has actually Covid after going to a senior personnel Christmas celebration on Friday.

Ellis notified her associates on Tuesday that she evaluated positive for the lethal disease, sources told Axios.

Ellis went to the occasion as a visitor of adviser Peter Navarro and was not wearing a mask, sources informed the outlet.

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” People brought their households,” one senior White House official informed Axios.

The occasion was held inside your home in the building’s East Wing.

Ellis’s obvious medical diagnosis comes simply days after fellow Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani evaluated positive.

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