TikTok star offering viral video as NFT as part of digital art fad

TikTok star Nathan Apodaca is offering his viral Fleetwood Mac skateboarding video as an NFT and is wanting to get $500,000 for it.

Mr Apodaca got more than 12 million “likes” for the 23 2nd Dreams video when he posted it last September.

Now he is wishing to cash in on the most recent NFT digital art fad and offer the video at auction.

The web star, who is referred to as Doggface, became known all over the world for the video of him skating down a street in Idaho to the band’s iconic hit song.

His viral video tripled sales of the tune and increased Spotify streams of it by 127 percent and now it will go under the hammer on Friday at rarible.com.

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However the video will not include the band’s soundtrack as he does not own the rights to it.

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NFTs, which means Non-Fungible Token, have actually ended up being hugely popular during the pandemic lockdown.

They are essentially a digital certificate of authenticity connected to a piece of digital content or artwork, and are constructed out of a special string of characters.

That string is connected to a blockchain, which use groups of computers to create a shared digital journal that no one private computer can alter by itself.

Last week Christie’s offered a 5,000 image digital mosaic by artist Beeple for $69 million

And Canadian artist Grimes, who has a child with Tesla creator Elon Musk, made nearly $6 million by offering her digital artworks as NFTs.

The entrepreneur sparked a bidding was when he stated he would sell off a tweet, however altered his mind when it reached $1.1 million.

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