Tikait’s popularity is skyrocketing on the ground and on social media

New Delhi: Rakesh Tikait is the emerging brand-new face of the farmers’ agitation. He is trying to take the agitation out of Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh to other parts of the country.In recent times, he is capitalizing his growing appeal on the ground in addition to on social media. Individuals have a sense of compassion for Tikait and are likewise starting to perceive him as the farmer leader for the future.This month, Rakesh Tikait will hold panchayats in states as remote as Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. He has actually already held Kisan Panchayats at Charkhi Dadri Jind, Baghpat and Kurukshetra around Delhi, however his appeal has increased a lot that panchayats across the country have actually begun calling him to their villages.In the next couple of days, too, individuals wish to call Tikait at their panchayats, however he has not accepted everyone’s invite. So, for the next few days he has actually chosen not to visit any panchayats.His popularity has grown to such an extent that nowadays Tikait is seen more at panchayats than at the Ghazipur border, the hub of the farm agitation.

In the month of February itself, he is likely to check out than 2 lots farmer panchayats throughout Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, since he wishes to offer a national measurement to the demonstrations.

Not simply has actually Tikait grown in appeal amongst farmers in current times, he has actually gotten a great deal of brand-new followers on social networks as well.In truth, the tears from Tikait’s eyes on January 27 not simply restored the farmers’ agitation they likewise sent his appeal soaring on social media.Around Republic Day on January 26, he had about 4,000 followers on Twitter. But a couple of days back, given that his account was confirmed, the number of followers has actually risen to about 1.5 lakh. His Facebook page posts reach about three crore people. Seeing the general public’s love for Tikait, his associates needed to create an Instagram account, which has actually acquired about 45,000 fans in simply a few days.Bharatiya Kisan Union media in-charge Dharmendra Malik told IANS, “He had about 3 to 4 thousand fans at the time the agitation started, now countless individuals are following him on social networks.”He further said, “About 10 days back, an Instagram account was developed for him, which is being followed by about 45,000 people. “Although Tikait’s social media accounts are managed by various people, in view of the growing popularity, the posts have actually ended up being more frequent and every speech from his social media account goes live.Plus, any place Rakesh Tikait goes, he is surrounded by those seeking selfies.

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