“Those who tried to undermine survival, development of Kerala now speaking

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Saturday lashed out at the Congress and BJP, saying those who attempted to undermine the state’s survival and development in the last 5 years were now delivering speeches on advancement, which amounted to ‘mocking’ the people.Speaking at a press fulfill here, he declared that the nationwide leaders of the Congress and BJP, including the Prime Minister were attempting to create a distorted image of Kerala.His remarks came a day after Modi said at a poll rally in Thiruvanthapuram that there was a “overall hartal on governance” in Kerala.”Any move by the RSS for a common divide has actually not been successful in Kerala, which is a stronghold of secularism. Those who tried to screw up the survival and growth of the state in the last 5 years are now providing speeches on development. This amounts to buffooning individuals of Kerala,” he said.The Chief Minister said that even if the state was not ‘surrendering to the communal program of the Sangh Parivar,” they were attempting to teach a lesson to Kerala and punish themVijayan stated everyone in the state understood the ‘bhai- bhai’ relationship in between Congress and BJP and also the developmental activities carried out by the LDF government.”Modi compared Kerala to Somalia in the previous Assembly elections. The Sangh Parivar is interested just in depicting Kerala in such a bad light.”The Chief Minister said Kerala dealt with the worst floods in a century and the main forces arrived in the state to assist them.However, the Centre later sent the state a bill for the aid rendered”On the other hand, our own army. the anglers, were engaged in selfless service and didn’t take a single cent we offered,” he said.Modi had actually stated throughout a rally in the run-up to the polls in 2016 that the “baby mortality rate amongst the arranged tribe neighborhood in Kerala is worse than Somalia”. Somalia still has one of the greatest rates of kid malnutrition and infant death worldwide, while Kerala has the most affordable infant death rates in India.Scheduled People are among India’s many impoverished citizens.Vijayan stated the BJP is a celebration that is uncertain whether it would get a single seat in the coming elections and might not be even able to preserve their previous vote share.”How many state governments were handed over to the BJP on a silver plate by the Congress party? Congress must not think that they can give Kerala to the saffron celebration. Individuals will offer a befitting reply in the election,” he said.Vijayan was at his house district Kannur, where he was campaigning for the Left Front prospects for the April 6 Assembly polls.The results will be out on May 2.

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