Thirty years old dancer opens up about heart attack to raise awareness for

A 30-year-old expert dancer has actually described her experience having a heart attack to raise awareness about signs that may otherwise be ignored.

Megan Corbin, from Crescent City, California, suffered a “significant” cardiovascular disease on 10 July 2020.

According to Corbin, the early morning of the cardiovascular disease, she had actually woken up with a “really heavy discomfort” in her chest, which had actually been getting significantly even worse as the days passed.

Nevertheless, the 30-year-old, who is now a volunteer for the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Females “Real Women” project, stated that, at the time, she dismissed the pain as acid reflux or the need to burp.

” I felt like if I drank a ginger ale, I might burp up whatever it was,” she informed the AHA.

In a clip shared on the campaign site, Corbin remembered how her discomfort had actually continued to increase, and that she began to experience cold sweats and tingling in her left arm and in half of her right arm.

According to the AHA, the symptoms of a cardiovascular disease in females can be different than signs experienced by males, with the health organisation noting that women can experience signs such as chest pain, pain or pressure in the lower chest or upper abdomen, jaw, neck or upper back pain, nausea or throwing up, shortness of breath, fainting, indigestion and severe tiredness.

At the urging of her partner, Corbin said she eventually accepted go to the healthcare facility, where the doctors in the emergency room told her “it appears like you’re having a cardiovascular disease”.

” They were very shaken off by the scenario and my age,” Corbin recalled. “They resembled: ‘How are you 30 years old and having a cardiovascular disease?'”.

After the medical facility had her flown from Crescent City, California to a healthcare facility in Medford, Oregon, which was better equipped “to deal with heart problems,” Corbin stated she underwent surgical treatment so that the medical professionals could place a stent in her heart, a typical treatment that sees a tiny mesh tube placed into a clogged up artery to enable blood to flow more easily, according to the AHA.

” I still had no idea. I would never, in a million years, have actually thought that I was having a cardiovascular disease,” she recalled. “And it’s because I am healthy, I am active, I eat right, I do whatever right.

” And I still had a cardiovascular disease.”.

According to Corbin, she found out after her heart attack that she had high cholesterol and raised high blood pressure.

Since recuperating, through long walks and dancing, Corbin has actually committed her efforts to spreading out awareness about heart disease and assisting people make notified choices about “what they’re putting in their bodies,” with plans to begin a blog about her experience in the future.

” I want to spread awareness and ideally prevent this from happening to the next individual,” she said.

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