‘Take a chance on me’: Man with autism has cover letter to ‘future

A 19-year-old male with autism has actually gone viral after penning a handwritten cover letter to his “future company”.

Ryan Lowry of Leesburg, Virginia, shared the handwritten letter on LinkedIn and it has actually attracted over 175,000 responses.

In the letter, Lowry explained that he has an interest in a task in animation or IT which he is “really excellent with innovation”, “gifted at math” and a “quick learner”.

Lowry wrote: “I realise that somebody like you will have to gamble on me. I do not find out like common people do.

” I would need a mentor to teach me, however I find out quickly, as soon as you explain it, I get it.

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” I guarantee that if you employ me and teach me, you’ll be grateful that you did.”

The teenager’s post received practically 6,000 comments, with numerous offering to help him on his profession journey.

A variety of comments came from other people with autism, using words of motivation about browsing the world of work when you’re neurodivergent.

Marketing director Robert Edge commented: “Ryan, I am on the spectrum. I just learnt in 2019 at the age of 44. And I have had a fantastic and effective profession.”

He continued: “If you are brave and self aware enough to compose this letter and post it here … I know you will do well out in the world.”

One IT magnate wrote: “Hey Ryan – I too have Autism, and I understand how hard this can be. If you ‘d like, I would be happy to help coach, teach and coach you and help you follow your dreams of entering into the IT/tech industry where I have some experience.”

Autism is a developmental disability which impacts the way individuals communicate. According to the NHS, individuals with autism might find it hard to communicate with others and may discover it challenging to understand how others think and feel.

Lowry’s moms and dads informed Today that he has actually considering that had calls from companies with neurodiversity recruitment programmes like Microsoft, Dell and Amazon.

” Ryan is capable of a lot,” Lowry’s dad Rob said.

” The objective here for Ryan is independence. He can live in our basement for the rest of his life. We ‘d like it. But Tracy and I are going to die one day, and he requires to be able to live individually. We’re very carefully optimistic.”

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