Susanna Reid offers amusing action after troll shames her look

Great Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid hit back at an online body shamer over the weekend, after the user posted a no-makeup photo of her in a tweet.

The now-deleted post included a split-screen picture of Reid, 50, with and without makeup: “Thank god for makeup”, the anonymous user composed and cc ‘d Reid and her co-presenter Piers Morgan.

Reid just replied “Hallelujah!” Which prompted her fans to defend her on Twitter.

” Susanna, with or without makeup you’re a really beautiful gorgeous females, you genuinely are, I have actually said this sometimes in the past years. You prove it every time I see you, you get more so with age and your character matches your loveliness,” published John Horne, who was among more than 100 comments on the post.

” Your ‘4am’ is supermodel to my ‘2hrs with a glam squad’ at any time of the day & we’re the very same vintage!” Said Kath Wilson.

” You are stunning Regardless,” stated Adam Goode in a post under the tweet.

” You are beautiful with and without makeup Susanna,” said user Bex.

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Fans have often talked about how Reid has relatively defied the process of ageing, in 2020 she shared a clip of her from twenty years earlier as a brand-new reader, one Twitter user stated: “You looked older then than now!. well played!!”.

” I believed if I had a crop and I didn’t search in the least bit glamorous, I ‘d look extremely serious,” Reid stated to Fabulous publication about her style from 20 years ago.

Previously Reid has pointed out sobriety as a factor her skin remains in excellent condition. “My skin isn’t best however it’s clearer. Therefore is my head. I am sleeping much better.”.

In an interview last week with day Times the speaker said she gave up alcohol on recommendations from the medical professional. “I was concerned since my skin was flushed, I kept getting flare-ups and blemishes, and they were leaving red scars.

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