Sir W Arthur Lewis: Why is Google Doodle honouring him?

Google is honouring renowned economic expert and teacher Sir W Arthur Lewis with a Doodle 41 years from the day he was granted the Nobel Memorial Prize in economics.

Born in St Lucia on 23 January 1915, Lewis found himself excelling in school at a young age, and finishing the curriculum completely by 14.

In 1932, when he was lastly old enough to sit the examination, Lewis was granted a government scholarship to study at the London School of Economics – which is where he would eventually acknowledge economics as his enthusiasm.

However, according to Lewis, he came to the school with the objective of studying company administration before returning to St Lucia, as racially discriminatory restrictions in location in British nests at the time suggested that Black men might just go to school to be a lawyer or a physician, “where they might earn a living without federal government support”.

” I did not want to be a legal representative or a medical professional. I wanted to be an engineer, but this seemed meaningless since neither the government nor the white firms would use a Black engineer,” he discussed in his biography, released by Nobel Lectures.

In spite of not understanding what economics was at the start of his education, Lewis eventually earned a doctorate in industrial economics, a degree that assisted him get his first mentor position and made him the first Black faculty member at LSE.

By 33, Lewis had actually ended up being a complete teacher at the University of Manchester.

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However, a few of his crucial research didn’t happen till 1945 and 1950, when he became interested in the history of the world economy since 1870, and advancement economics.

In addition to later obtaining a full professorship at Princeton University, making him the first Black instructor to do so, Lewis published various posts and books about his research study, which were instrumental in their modelling of the economics of establishing countries.

Throughout his career, Lewis also functioned as an advisor to governments in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, and in 1963, he was knighted by the British federal government for his achievements.

Lewis became a Nobel Reward recipient in 1979 on 10 December, when he was collectively awarded the prize for his research in economics.

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