Singhu border: Demonstrations on, farmers all set summertime shield

Gurmakh Singh from Hoshiarpur and Mandeep Singh from Patiala did not know each other before the farmers’ agitation against the main farm laws started late in 2015. It was when they satisfied at Singhu border that a relationship established between the two farmers who had actually brought their tractors for a common cause.Over numerous cups of tea and lots of plates of sweet rice, the 2 made it through the winter chill. But they realised that with summer came a new set of issues, amongst them the lack of open spaces for sleeping. The friends chose to pool in money with others to build a brick building in the middle of the road to accommodate around 150 people.The construction of the structure started a couple of days ago with the bricks and cement getting to the Kundli side of Singhu border. “There was an open area on the roadway and we chose to construct the rain basera (shelter) there” said 53-year-old Gurmakh.Gurmakh and his fellow villagers have actually been running a little langar for numerous weeks. “We lived through winter without much problem since we had blankets, quilts and great deals of mattresses. We did not have much area, however we could huddle to fend off the cold and sleep,” stated the farmer. “However summer season will not be so easy. There are mosquitoes and our camping tents and trolleys are not perfect spaces for us to live and sleep in.”Mandeep stated that individuals might come and use the structure to sleep at night. “We are sure it will house a minimum of 150 people,” he stated. Gurmakh included that the structure would be 18 ft large and 50 ft long and would have a tin roofing system. “Lots of protesters have actually already developed houses, however those are on the other side of the roadway,” he said.The two friends took only a few days’ time to procure material and masons for the task. “We have actually grown to trust each other a lot in these previous 4 months. You can say that we have nearly ended up being family members due to the strong brotherhood between everyone. This night shelter is an outcome of that relationship,” stated Mandeep.

The Patiala farmer asserted that they would stay at the border for as long as it took to have their demand for the repeal of the three laws fulfilled.

“We are here to win and we will be triumphant. We will leave Singhu border just when our goal is fulfilled,” he smiled.

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