Second largest akhada exits Kumbh after Nirwani head dies of Covid

(This story initially appeared in on Apr 16, 2021).

Mahamandaleshwar Kapil Dev Das, 65, of the Nirwani akhada of MP, among the 13 main akhadas, died from Covid-19 issues at a personal facility here on Thursday at the Maha Kumbh location. A senior authorities in the health department verified to TOI that an overall of 68 “top seers” in Haridwar have actually evaluated favorable for Covid-19 between April 5 and 14. In the wake of the increasing variety of Covid cases in the sadhu neighborhood in Haridwar, Niranjani Akhada, among the largest naga sanyasi akhadas and the 2nd most effective after the Juna akhada, has announced it will now leave the mela.According to the mela administration, 332 individuals (of 14,915 checked) reported Covid favorable on Thursday. The administration doesn’t have any record of the overall number of Covid deaths among those attending the religious fair. Of the 13,415 tested on Wednesday, 119 were favorable; 79,301 people were tested given that April 12 and 745 found positive.Secretary of the Niranjani Akhada Mahant Ravindra Puri stated that “most of the saints and their followers” in the camps at Haridwar have Covid-19 like symptoms due to which saints of the akhada have actually chosen to end the mela from April 17.Director-general of health Dr Tripati Bahuguna stated, “The personal hospital where Mahamandaleshwar Kapil Dev Das was confessed has shared information with the health department that the seer was confessed to their facility on April 12 and he breathed his last on April 13. He had kidney conditions before Covid-19 struck him. He was undergoing dialysis too.” The location in Kankhal where the seer had actually been camping homes 10,000 more saints and fans. Haridwar CMO Dr SK Jha stated a health department team would go to the location on Friday, sanitise it and gather samples of all those remaining there.Meanwhile, 33 policemen on their way back from Kumbh (between January and April 15) likewise checked favorable. A number of them had reportedly taken both dosages of the coronavirus vaccine. This came even as Mahant Hari Giri, basic secretary of Akhada Parishad, apex body of all 13 akhadas, said, “It is ideal that (Covid) cases are increasing and we are going over with the representatives of all 13 akhadas about the scenario. We will take a decision soon.” The Kumbh mela will end on April 30 officially and the next royal bath is on April 27. The Akhada Parishad is planning to take part in the next royal bath however only a few saints will choose the dip.

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