PM Modi ask state federal governments to determine clusters and focus on

Arunachal Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister, Chowna Mein said that Prime minister Narendra Modi has asked the State Governments to recognize clusters and concentrate on surveillance and strict application of containment zone method and likewise to carry out concern vaccination of determined groups in districts reporting greater cases.Mein (on behalf of the Chief Minister) attended a virtual meeting of the Chief Ministers of all the States and Union Territories assembled by the Prime Minister in view of the resurgent of Covid-19 throughout the nation through a video conferencing.The meeting was also gone to by Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, Union Health Minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan besides Chief Ministers, Lt Governors of UTs, Health Ministers.While cautioning the State Government to be alert and to take all preventive procedures, Prime Minister has required effective implementation of “Test, Track, Treat and Vaccinate” method to deal with the re-spike of the virus in some States of the country.He has contacted us to considerably increase testing in all districts particularly through RT-PCR Tests with a minimum of 70% protection. He likewise advised to ensure tracing and seclusion of all the close contacts and get them tested in 72 hours.He also hired the State Federal government to recognize clusters and focus on monitoring and stringent execution of containment zone approach and also to undertake concern vaccination of determined groups in districts reporting higher cases. He even more contacted us to guarantee stringent adherence to Covid procedures like mask wearing, physical distancing and to preserve individual and social health. He further said to continue the greater alertness and tracking at highest levels for all possible occasions where crowds gather and to ensure scientific management in districts reporting higher deaths. Prime Minister likewise urged to increase the protection of vaccination to the eligible people and to reduce vaccine wastage.The COVID-19 status in Arunachal Pradesh as on 16th March is 16841 cases with remarkable healing of 99.65% although 56 (0.33%) had actually died from COVID-19 infection. As on date there are just 2 active cases who are kept in isolation. Up until now 410138 samples have been checked showing a positivity rate of 4.1% which is above recommended level of 2%. It is observed that the test by RT-PCR only 9.6% which is well listed below advised below 70% by GoI. This is an issue and the government will assist to revamp the testing by RT-PCR and TrueNat in order to make sure appropriate testing and tracking of cases.In Arunachal the State has actually covered 14360 (60%) HCW during first phase and 1197 (5%) during the ongoing phaseII (as on 15th March 2021), FLWs from 11038 (24%) to 22222 beneficiaries (49%) in 15 days of phase-II. 2265 beneficiaries of age 45 to59 years with co-morbidity and 5697 beneficiaries of age above 60 years vaccinated with 1stdose. Vaccine wastage rate in the state is 7.21 in the 1st phase and there is no private hospital working as COVID vaccine centre (CVC) due to absence of cold chain facility which is very important to keep the vaccine safe.

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