People are obsessed with Doug Emhoff blowing Kamala Harris kisses

Individuals are stating Kamala Harris and her spouse Doug Emhoff “couple objectives” after the second gentleman was seen blowing kisses to his wife during President Biden’s address to Congress.

On Wednesday, Mr Emhoff, who was sitting in the audience, was caught on camera waving enthusiastically to the vice president as she got in theHouse of Representatives Chamber.

During the sweet moment, the vice president’s other half of seven years then transitioned to blowing kisses, with the 2nd gentleman utilizing both hands to perform the gesture.

In a clip of the moment, which was shared on Twitter and has been seen more than 1m times, Mr Emhoff then put his turn over his heart, before using his partner one last gleeful wave.

On Twitter, the display of love and assistance from the vice president’s partner has actually been met a profusion of approval, with many pointing to Mr Emhoff as the standard for what individuals should look for in a partner.

” I IMAGINE marrying somebody like this guy. His entire energy is just exceptional,” one person tweeted.

Another stated: “I want somebody to enjoy me the method Doug likes Kamala.”

” My new requirement for men I potentially date is ‘Will you publicly support me as much as Doug Emhoff supports Kamala Harris,'” another person tweeted.

Others revealed gratitude over the second gentleman’s clear comfort with his partner’s position of power, with another individual tweeting: “In a world filled with men who feel threatened by the simple idea of women having any power or firm, be a Doug Emhoff.”

On Wednesday, Ms Harris made history as she and Nancy Pelosi sat behind Mr Biden while he delivered his joint address to Congress, as it marked the first time there have been 2 ladies sitting behind the president on the Home rostrum.

When asked how it felt to be a part of the historical moment while she travelled through the US Capitol, Ms Harris responded: “Normal.”.

As for her husband’s undeniable assistance, this is not the first time Mr Emhoff has recorded public attention in his role as second gentleman, as individuals previously praised the vice president’s partner following a viral TikTok that showed him having a hard time to choose where to stand in relation to his better half on Inauguration Day.

The vice president’s “combined” family has actually also been the topic of admiration, especially after Mr Emhoff’s ex-wife Kerstin Emhoff, with whom he shares his kids Cole, 26, and Ella, 21, proudly went to the inauguration.

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