Parent urges teachers to stop saying ‘mums and dads’ to children in

When it comes to families, every single one is different, so should we vary our language when it comes to talking about them?

One parent certainly seems to think so – and she’s got some very interesting reasoning to support her case.

Associate Professor Sirry Alang has gone viral on Twitter after posting a series of tweets explaining why she thinks teachers should stop saying “mums and dads” to young pupils at school.

As she explains, not every family has a mum or a dad and some children have neither.

She said: “Teachers, ur class convos are broadcasted in everyone’s homes. The # of times the teacher has said ‘your mom and dad’ to my kid’s class is infuriating.

“But a BRAVE kid just said…’But I only told my grandma at lunch time because my sister and I live with our grandma’.

“Then of course my kid jumped in right away & said: ‘I don’t have a dad & it’s ok because my mom said there are different kinds of families. Even though I would want a dad but she’s gay. Gay means she only dates women.’ LOL. Now my business is out there.”

She continued: “But teacher apologized and said she’ll start saying ‘parent or the adult helping you at home’. I have faith in this generation.”

Her tweets garnered a lot of attention, with thousands of likes and retweets.

Many people supported the idea of using different language in class.

One person replied: “1) Your kid is awesome. 2) Caregiver is the easy, more inclusive word she is looking for.”

Another said: “Your kid sounds rad! Our school uses ‘your grownups’.”

A third commented: “I had a student once who had to remind me *3 times* that his mom was dead and his dad was in jail. I felt so stupid and awful. Caregiver is better.”

A different user added: “Good reminder to think before we speak.”

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