Palace under pressure to respond to Harry and Meghan bigotry declares

Buckingham Palace was under pressure to respond to claims of racism within the highest echelons of the royal family following an interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that threatened to have a destructive result on the reputation of the monarchy.

In the most stunning disclosure, Harry and Meghan described how someone within the household had inquired about how dark the complexion of their baby son Archie would be– with the United States chatshow host Oprah Winfrey clarifying later on that neither the Queen nor the Duke of Edinburgh were behind the remark.

However the couple’s refusal to determine the member of the family in their damning TELEVISION interview leaves other royals available to suspicion.

The accusation of bigotry within Buckingham Palace was among a number of incendiary claims in Harry and Meghan’s tell-all interview which will have shaken the royal household to its structures.

Meghan told Winfrey that, while she was pregnant with Archie, who is now 21 months old, a family member raised with Harry “concerns and discussions about how dark his skin might be when born”.

Winfrey told CBS This Morning that Harry informed her it was not his grandparents who made the racist comment however that he would not reveal who it was.

Asked if there were concerns Archie might be “too brown”, Meghan told Winfrey that was a “quite safe” presumption. Both she and Harry declined to identify the person, saying it would be “very destructive”.

Meghan suggested the reality Archie was mixed-race meant he was denied the title of prince. Under existing protocols, as the grandchild of a sovereign, Archie would automatically become a prince when his grandfather Charles acceded the throne.

However the couple showed they had actually been told those guidelines would be altered, in line with Charles’s prepare for a slimmed-down monarchy, leaving Archie without his due title or the security defense that opts for it. “It’s not their right to take it away,” Meghan said.

Bigotry was “a big part” of why the couple left Britain, said Harry, declaring that though the UK was not bigoted, the UK press, particularly the tabloids, was.

Boris Johnson refused to get drawn into the row. Asked whether the palace needs to investigate the claims, the prime minister told a Downing Street press conference: “Maybe the very best thing I can state is that I have constantly had the highest admiration for the Queen and the unifying role that she plays in our nation and throughout the Commonwealth. And when it comes to all other matters to do with the royal family, I’ve invested a long period of time now not talking about royal household matters and I do not intend to leave from that today.”

Nevertheless, the Conservative peer and federal government minister Zac Goldsmith claimed Harry was “exploding his family” in a tweet that added: “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.”

The shadow education secretary, Kate Green, told Sky News the couple’s claims were “actually traumatic, shocking” and called on the palace to investigate any accusations of racism. Recently it released a questions into claims of bullying presumably made by palace staff versus Meghan.

The Labour leader, Keir Starmer, said the race and mental health issues raised by Meghan were “larger than the royal family” and need to not be put to one side. The children’s minister, Vicky Ford, stressed there was “no place for bigotry in our society”.

Inquired About Joe Biden’s reaction to the interview, the White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said Meghan’s choice to discuss her battles with psychological health “takes guts” and “that’s definitely something the president believes in”. Nevertheless, Psaki said she would not provide additional discuss the circumstance “offered these are private citizens, sharing their own story and their own battles”.

In other stunning claims, Meghan stated of life inside the palace: “I simply didn’t want to be alive any more.” Asked whether she had contemplated suicide, she responded: “Yes, this was very, really clear, and really scary.” Though she pled for help, and asked to go someplace to look for help, she stated she was told: “I could not, that it wouldn’t be good for the institution.”

Harry criticised his dad, saying he felt “pull down” by Charles, including: “There’s a lot of hurt that occurred.” Charles stopped taking his youngest child’s calls after the couple’s public statement they were to step down as working royals and the couple were cut off financially, Harry said, leaving them to foot their own security expense. Other claims consisted of that:

The Duchess of Cambridge lowered Meghan to tears in a row over the flower girls’ dresses before her wedding event to Harry. Some reports claimed at the time that it was Meghan who made Kate cry. Comparing her treatment by the press with Kate’s, Meghan stated: “Rude and racist are not the very same.”

The organization did not safeguard Meghan; she was “silenced” and officials lied to protect other royals. Member of the family were jealous of Meghan’s success on an a trip of Australia and New Zealand.

The couple had a secret private exchange of swears days before their official wedding event. Their second child will be a child.

Winfrey’s interview lasted 3 hours and 20 minutes however was edited down to one hour and 25 minutes. After taping it, the couple are understood to have felt relief at lastly having the opportunity to set the record straight from their perspective, and comfortable with the responses they provided.

Harry said that no one in the royal family had said they were sorry the couple left royal life due to the fact that they felt unsupported. “No, unfortunately not,” he told Winfrey, including they were cautioned it was their decision and “for that reason the repercussions are on us”.

His family remained in a hazardous environment in their relationship with journalism, he stated. His older brother, William, was “trapped in the system”, he included, however asked whether William wished to leave, Harry responded: “I don’t understand, I can’t promote him.”

He denied the couple had actually “blindsided” the Queen when they revealed their intention to stop in 2015, stating he had “excessive regard” for his 94-year-old grandma.

But he said he was “really sad” that she had been offered “some bad guidance” when she unexpectedly cancelled a planned in person with him prior to the Sandringham summit where details of the couple’s departure were whipped out.

On Monday the professional photographer Misan Harriman released an image he had taken of a pregnant Meghan with Harry and Archie, as he congratulated them on the news they are anticipating an infant lady.

The royal biographer Penny Junor stated the couple had “lobbed a hand grenade into the household” and concerned there would be “no coming back”. The royal author and historian Robert Lacey stated the repercussions would “resound for a very long time, since they are more than about personalities. This is first-hand testament to an inefficient family.”

Ingrid Seward, the editor-in-chief of Majesty publication, said: “It’s probably the most damning condemnation of the royal household and how they operate I’ve ever heard.”

But Charles Anson, a former press secretary to the Queen, told Sky News: “I believe the palace will be seeking to try and review this interview and take some of the issues forward that don’t intensify things which result in some reconciliation.”

The anti-monarchy group Republic required an honest argument about the future of the monarchy and said the organization “requires to go”.

The Society of Editors attacked the claim that the UK press was bigoted. Its executive director, Ian Murray, stated: “The UK media is not bigoted and will not be swayed from its essential role holding the rich and effective to account.” He included it was “not appropriate” for the couple to make such claims without supporting evidence.

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