Oram, Rahul participate in verbal exchange throughout panel satisfy

New Delhi: The meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence on Thursday witnessed spoken exchanges in between chairman Jual Oram and Congress member Rahul Gandhi after the latter looked for responses on numerous elements of the budgetary allotment from defence officials.

To a question from Gandhi, the authorities informed the committee that the ‘very first stage’ of disengagement of the Indian and Chinese Army was progressing efficiently and would be completed in a day or more, it is discovered.

The CDS, the Director General of Military Operation, the defence secretary and other officials attended the meeting which talked about the financial allocation on defence. To a concern from Gandhi on why the Rafale fighter jet was directly bought by altering the initial clause for technology transfer, the defence brass stated it helped the IAF obtain the current model of innovation which will enable native production in the near future.The Oram-Gandhi exchange followed officials’ discussion before the meeting on the budgetary allotment, leading to a stormy adjournment for a tea-beak. Gandhi is discovered to have engaged officials with many concerns, including particular questions on how much India spent/invested on workers, devices and equipments compared to China and some other countries.Sources said as officials reacted, Gandhi asked more concerns, seeking specific answers on various aspects of defence spending. Oram then revealed his annoyance by stating it was not proper for one member to constantly engage authorities with many concerns. Gandhi is learnt to have reacted that he was only exercising his right as a committee member.Sources stated Gandhi also complained that the last time too Oram had interrupted him– an apparent referral to a mid-December conference when he went out after the Chair challenged the Congress MP asking concerns to the Army brass on the border row when the topic of discussion was uniforms. While some opposition members urged Oram to enable Gandhi to ask the concerns, sources stated eventually, Oram is learnt to have actually made some remarks on Gandhi asking a lot of questions after absenting himself from several conferences. He then adjourned the meeting for tea-break.

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