Nicola Sturgeon under fire for saying the UK’s jab rollout success has

EUROFAN Nicola Sturgeon was mocked last night after firmly insisting that Brexit had nothing to do with the UK’s skyrocketing vaccine rollout.

Despite bungling by Brussels meaning the EU27 are struggling to jab their residents, the SNP manager – who wants to re-join the bloc – said it was “too simplistic” to suggest leaving the EU has made the UK more active.

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The First Minister’s remarks came in the middle of anger over low vaccination rates in the European Union and claims Brussels bureaucracy has actually suppressed the buy-up of jabs.

Last July, the SNP stated the UK’s rejection to sign up with the EU scheme as “idiotic”, “all about Brexit”, and would “cost lives”.

However the UK – which went its own way on procurement – is now way ahead of the bloc.

Quizzed on the concern yesterday, Europhile Ms Sturgeon said it was “truly excellent” the UK had actually managed to get so much vaccine which “the UK as a whole is getting ahead”.

Questioned on Great Early Morning Britain about whether Brexit had actually assisted, she stated: “Of course you can make that argument however often I think it’s a slightly over-simplistic argument, however we should all be pleased that the vaccination programme is going so well.”

She added: “The problems around Brexit are much larger and more basic but even on this narrow point I believe if you were to apply really detailed analysis it would not be rather that simple.”

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Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross stated: “The UK Federal government’s vaccine programme has actually been such a significant success that a million doses are offered to the Scottish Government on over night delivery – and more are on the method.

” Analysis reveals that if the UK had actually followed the SNP’s suggestions and opted-in to the EU scheme, we would have about half a million fewer people vaccinated in Scotland.

” The First Minister’s absurd effort today at spinning the UK’s success as ‘too simplistic’ is just another example of how minor the SNP have been at acknowledging the advantages of remaining in the UK, not the EU scheme.”

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