Meghan Markle’s childhood partner defends her versus bullying

Meghan Markle’s childhood partner has spoken up in support of the Duchess of Sussex following reports that she bullied members of staff throughout her time as a working member of the royal household

In March, The Times released a report citing palace personnel who had implicated Meghan of eliminating two personal assistants, with the staff also declaring that they had actually been “embarrassed” by the duchess on multiple events.

According to the outlet, it had been approached by royal sources since they declared to want to give their account of the “turmoil” within the royal home.

Following the report, which the duchess denied through a representative, Buckingham Palace announced it had introduced an examination into the bullying accusations, explaining in a declaration that the palace was “clearly extremely worried” by the claims.

” Accordingly our HR team will look into the situations described in the article. Members of personnel included at the time, including those who have left the Family, will be invited to participate to see if lessons can be learned,” the statement added.

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However, many individuals, including pals and previous colleagues, have given that publicly safeguarded the former Fits star, with Meghan’s very first partner the current to speak out in support of the duchess.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Joshua Silverstein, who Meghan met and dated at summer camp when they were both 13, said that he “personally doesn’t see” the duchess mistreating palace staff.

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” I see her doing whatever it is she seems like she must perform in order to be happy and exist together within a system that has actually probably not been really inviting to who she is and where she comes from,” he continued.

Silverstein likewise acknowledged the function Meghan’s race might play in the allegations, telling the outlet: “When you find females of colour – especially Black females – standing up for themselves and speaking up and speaking versus what they feel [is] disrespect or oppression, many times brightness tends to categorize that in negative ways due to the fact that they do not desire that to happen.

” It’s practically like people are anticipated to understand their location and whenever they do not fall in line with that, then individuals state it’s an issue.”

During a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, the duke and duchess mentioned experiencing racism during their time as working royals, with Meghan revealing that concerns were raised by relative over the colour of the couple’s then-unborn child’s skin.

Despite relocating to California, where they are presently expecting their 2nd child, Silverstein said that he believes the couple will continue to face “examination” and “negative criticism” but that he hopes that they can be pleased.

” She’s probably having to make difficult decisions and unpleasant ones for the sake of just having the ability to smile the next day,” he said. “That’s what life is about – making difficult choices so that you can live the life that enables you to grow as the individual you wish to flourish as.

” As long as she enjoys and he mores than happy, that’s all that matters.”

The duchess and Silverstein very first met in 1993 when they attended the exact same theater camp, with Meghan reflecting on her brief youth relationship with the comic and star throughout a 2013 interview with Larry King when she was inquired about her first kiss.

” I was 13. It was at, like, a summertime camp, and I kissed him,” she recalled at the time.

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