Marks & Spencer launch contactless bra fitting service

Marks & Spencer has introduced a socially-distanced, contactless bra fitting service at 64 of its biggest shops in England and Wales.

Trained fitters will provide consumers with sterilised measuring tape to help them take their own measurements from a safe range and encourage on fitting, shape and style alternatives.

While M&S currently provides bra fitting calculators online, the merchant says that in-person appointments allow fitters to make a much better assessment.

The service was trialled at five of their largest stores with favorable customer feedback on the ‘safe’ and ‘helpful’ service, especially from first bra fitting visits.

Rigorous safety measures carried out include the setup of hand sanitisation stations at the entryway to all lingerie dressing rooms, with coworkers required to wash their hands in between fittings and clients to sanitise upon arrival, the maintenance of two metre distancing in between trimmer and consumer at all times, extensive cleaning of dressing rooms, all surfaces and tape measures, and the isolation of all garments tried on but not purchased.

Staff will likewise use a face covering, visor and disposable gloves for the fitting.

The UK’s most significant lingerie seller, selling 24 million bras a year, recommends that clients getting routine fittings (every 6-12 months) as breast size can alter with weight and hormone variations, especially throughout pregnancy.

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All visits for the new service are available to book online.

The service is arranged to launch in Scotland and Northern Ireland from 14 December.

Laura Charles, M&S’s underwear director said: “Finding the best bra isn’t almost the garment itself, it’s about the best fit.

” We understand our consumers will continue to use online services and we’re working hard on improving those, however we likewise want to offer them the option of an in-store experience, so we’re pleased to be beginning our contact-free bra fit service.

” Consumers can expect the terrific service they know and enjoy, but adjusted for this time, with substantial safety measures in place to protect our customers and our coworkers.”

M&S also exposed a shift in customer patterns given that the beginning of the pandemic.

Pre-covid, around 25 percent of M&S bras were non-wired, a figure that has given that jumped to over 33 percent, suggesting a preference for convenience.

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