Mamata leads TMC’s march on wheelchair, says injured tiger more

True to her street fighter image, Mamata Banerjee was back on the roads of Kolkata on Sunday, 4 days after being injured at the hustings in Nandigram, leading a TMC march on a wheelchair and stating a hurt tiger is even more dangerous.Accompanied by senior TMC leaders, Banerjee was seen greeting the crowd with folded hands, with security workers pressing her wheelchair.

Banerjee signed up with the five km roadway reveal from Mayo Road to Hazra More as part of observation of Nandigram Diwas to celebrate the killing of 14 villagers in cops shooting during the anti-land acquisition demonstration in 2007.

Banerjee is objecting to the high-profile Nandigram seat for the very first time against former confidante-turned- enemy Suvendu Adhikari.Addressing the event after the hour-long march, Banerjee stated efforts to immobilize her to stop her from marketing have actually failed, and asserted she will canvass for TMC prospects across the state on wheelchair.”I have faced a great deal of attacks in my life however I have actually never ever given up before anyone. I will never bow my head. A hurt tiger gets more dangerous,” she asserted.Banerjee was hurt in her left leg, head and chest while marketing in Nandigram on March 10 after submitting her election, an occurrence the ruling TMC declared was a” BJP conspiracy to take her life”. The Election Commission, nevertheless, eliminated that there was any attack on the West Bengal chief minister and the ruling Trinamool Congress leader after reviewing the reports sent out by its 2 unique poll observers and the state federal government. The Commission concluded that Banerjee sustained injuries due to lapse on part of her security in charge.”Doctors recommended me versus going out for campaign today. However I felt that I must take part in today’s rally as we have already lost a couple of days due to my injury.”My discomfort is not higher than the suffering of individuals as democracy is being trampled through dictatorship,” she said.Banerjee said she will leave for Durgapur Sunday evening and address two rallies on Monday.Carrying posters and placards hailing Banerjee as the “child of Bengal”, TMC advocates raised mottos versus the BJP and called for “defeating the outsiders” in the assembly elections.The TMC activists also shouted the motto “Bhanga Paye Khela Hobe!” (Will play with broken leg), a referral to Banerjee’s leg injury.”We will continue to fight boldly! I’m still in a great deal of pain, however I feel the pain of my individuals even more. In this battle to safeguard our revered land, we have actually suffered a lot and will suffer more but we will NEVER EVER bow down to COWARDICE! Banerjee had earlier tweeted minutes prior to showing up for the march.

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