Louise Smith murder trial: accused admits punching her in face

A guy accused of completely murdering a 16-year-old lady has told a court that he punched her consistently in the face however had not meant to kill her.

Shane Mays declared he had actually struck Louise Smith after she hit him with a stick however told a jury he had not sexually assaulted her and had not defiled or tried to burn her body.

Mays, 30, of Havant, Hampshire, has actually admitted manslaughter however rejects murdering Louise, whose body was discovered in forest 13 days after disappearing on 8 May this year. The jury at Winchester crown court heard that Louise, who wanted to be a veterinary nurse, had suffered several blows to her head, causing her facial bone structure to collapse.

Mays informed the court that Louise had begun coping with him and his better half, Chazlynn Jayne Mays– the lady’s aunt– at the end of April. He stated she had actually enjoyed at first, however arguments started between them over chores at the flat and about her smoking marijuana.

After being shown a Snapchat video of him tickling Louise’s feet, he stated he had actually not been flirting with her and stated it was a “playful” act that he would finish with “all the kids that came to remain”.

He said Louise wanted to describe his wife and him as “mum and dad” and he often concerned himself as like a dad to her as she had coped with them previously.

The defendant stated that on 8 Might Louise asked him to stroll with her to get some clothes from a good friend. He stated she had actually led him to woodland at Havant Thicket, where she had attacked him with a stick after she had actually discussed cigarette smoking cannabis.

Mays said: “She was getting all aggressive about it and started screaming, raising her voice. She picked up this huge stick and started hitting me on the side with it.

” I grabbed the branch off her, threw it on the floor, then I punched her. The first punch she was standing, the second punch she decreased.” When asked if there had actually been blood on her face, he responded: “I heard cracks, however I am not sure.”

He said he continued punching her on the ground and added: “I was angry and I lost control of myself.”

Mays informed the court that he had actually left school at the age of 15 and had actually formerly worked as a mechanic, in factories and laying asphalt, but had not worked because he was 24.

He said he played video games such as Call of Duty, Need for Speed and Fortnite for 9 hours a day and had used marijuana, drug and euphoria.

The trial continues.

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