London Isis supporter condemned of outlining terror attack

An Islamic State fan who rapped about decapitations and using suicide vests has been condemned of outlining to run amok with a sword during the coronavirus lockdown.

Sahayb Abu, 27, had bought 2 blades, balaclavas, a camouflage hat and body armour online in readiness for the prepared fear attack last summer, the Old Bailey heard. He was jailed on 9 July after talking about guns with an undercover law enforcement officer, who he fulfilled on an Isis advocates’ Telegram chat group.

A jury pondered for 21 hours and 32 minutes to discover him guilty of preparing for terrorist acts by a majority of 11 to one.

His sibling, Muhamed Abu, 32, wept as he was cleared of stopping working to reveal info about a plot to authorities. He appeared distressed at his brother or sister’s conviction, sobbing: “He’s a clown, he’s a buffoon.”

Following the verdicts, Commander Richard Smith stated Sahayb Abu was a “extremely dangerous person”, despite representing himself as a clownish aspiring rap artist called Masked Hazard.

Smith, the head of the Met’s counter-terrorism command, stated: “There is no doubt in my mind that Sahayb had homicidal intent, some of that was evidenced from the example that he was publishing online and showing others, including his bro.”

The court heard how a few of the defendants’ loved ones had been linked to extremism in the past. The defendants’ half-brothers Wail and Suleyman Aweys went to Syria in 2015, where they are both thought to have died, the court was informed.

Two years later, the court heard, the defendants were caught with their older half-brother Ahmed Aweys installing poppy posters in east London stating British tax was used to “eliminate Muslims”.

Sahayb Abu, from Dagenham in east London, went on to relate to recognized terrorists while serving a sentence for burglary at Wandsworth jail in south London. Among them was the Isis fan Husnain Rashid, who was imprisoned for a minimum of 25 years in 2018 for calling for an attack on Prince George.

Sahayb Abu was launched from prison on 20 March in 2015, and went from being “secured to locked down” as the Covid-19 pandemic struck, jurors heard Over the next 3 months, he trawled the web for Isis propaganda, consisting of images of fighters in balaclavas with guns. He posed in his battle equipment in homemade videos sent out to Muhamed Abu.

In a disturbing rap, he described the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, as a “sellout” and discussed the murdered fusilier Lee Rigby.

He likewise posted extremist remarks online and pertained to the attention of the undercover officer via the Telegram chat group. The set met twice, and throughout their discussions utilized code words “silah” and “task complimentary” for firearms, which the officer claimed he could import.

Sahayb Abu stated the time was happening an “action male instead of a chatty male” and commented “we need a 9/11 2.0”, in referral to the World Trade Center attacks in New york city. Authorities took the choice to jail the brothers on 9 July in 2015.

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