‘Lockdown brings old flames out of the woodwork in droves’

H ow many weeks have we remained in this lockdown? If I ‘d utilized the time to whittle ivory like a Napoleonic prisoner, I could have made a scale design of the armada by now. If I ‘d used the time smartly, I certainly could have improved my yoga abilities. Rather, I have set my e-mail filters so that anything from Yoga With Adriene goes straight into spam. I still can’t do a headstand but I feel far better about it.

Bella continues to firmly insist that all of us submit a day-to-day “wellbeing” photograph for the office Instagram. My colleagues appear to be scrambling as severely as I am to discover photo-worthy minutes in the limitless days. George published another abstract shot of a coffee yesterday morning. Issy was reduced to photographing a pigeon. I photographed a Sainsbury’s Belgian chocolate choux bun however couldn’t utilize the photo. My greatest customer, Saskia, produces a vegan non-alcoholic root-based beverage (#Yne, quiet hashtag) and I’m eager to be involved when she releases her Kettle Chip-fragranced candle lights next month. She sent me a sample last week. She states the concept is that the fragrance of crisps can assist satisfy yearnings and support weight loss. It doesn’t work. Every time I burn among the candles, I feel an alluring urge to go to the chippy on the way back from my peace of mind stroll.

The potato candle light did draw Minky the hamster out from concealing last night, however. She emerged from below the refrigerator, nose atwitch. I got down on my hands and knees and crept throughout the cooking area floor towards her with a colander in lieu of an internet. I got so close, but then my knitting injury flared up, my shoulder paved the way and I collapsed face very first onto the floor. Minky escaped and among my front teeth feels a bit loose.

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