ITBP recce group gos to glacier burst website; DG states tunnel operation to

NEW DELHI: An ITBP reconnaissance team visited the glacier-break site on Wednesday that is presumed to have triggered the enormous flash flood in Uttarakhand even as its primary S Deswal stated the rescue operation to find the 30-35 employees trapped in Tapovan tunnel will continue till it reaches a “sensible conclusion.”Deswal told PTI that the paramilitary force is “really confident” that the employees in the about 1,500 metre long tubular structure marked as ‘head race tunnel’, out of the overall 2.5 km length, are safe with the help of possible air vents in the structure.

“We are extremely confident that we will be able to rescue them. The employees are stated to be located at their work station that is about 180 metres from the mouth of the Tapovan tunnel,” the ITBP chief stated.

“I can inform you that we will continue our efforts till any length of time … for whatever time it requires to reach the rational conclusion and discover the workers. My young boys are figured out to locate those trapped there and we might reach that slip tunnel area (where those trapped are stated to be situated) by Wednesday evening,” he said.A multi-agency group of rescuers making up the ITBP, NDRF, state catastrophe reaction force and the Army have actually cleared about 120 metres of slush inside the 22-25 feet high tunnel till now but constant circulation of the silt is obstructing their rescue efforts.A camera-mounted drone flown inside the tunnel on Tuesday also could not provide any causes the rescue teams.Officials said the employees got trapped soon after the inflamed river came hurtling down and washed away whatever with its furious speed.Three heavy earth moving cars are also mentioned to be within with the employees and the temperature inside the tunnel is hovering around 25-26 degrees Celsius.”The just important element is that these trapped guys should get some oxygen to breathe … they can make it through in the given temperature level and with readily available clothes they may be having,” the DG said.He included that an ITBP team likewise recced the site in the upper reaches of the Himalayas on Wednesday, where it is estimated that a glacier block split up leading to a flash flood in the Alaknanda river system that has eliminated 32 individuals till now while the whereabouts of over 170 individuals are still unknown.”We are sharing the images and videos of the glacier break website with researchers and professionals who can make a much better assessment as to how the catastrophe happened,” Deswal said.The ITBP reconnaissance team flew over the glacier break site in a helicopter.The DG counted some of the challenges of the operation being the narrow passage (20-25 feet) of the tunnel that enables just one big earthmover to get rid of the debris at one go and it returns in reverse equipment to dispose the slush outside to give way for the rescuers to further go deep inside.Deswal said about 450 soldiers of the border protecting force, led by a deputy inspector basic rank officer and a Commandant, are camping in the area to run the operation 24 hours.He stated about 5 ITBP border posts along the Line of Actual Control with China that have been disconnected through the land route, as some bridges snapped around the Raini village, remain in “contact” and the about 400 soldiers there have rations and other necessary stocked with them.”In fact, soldiers of these border posts are transporting food packets on their back to about a lots villages that have been cut off. My soldiers collect these air-dropped packets of food and other necessary products, after numerous helicopter sorties, from the Lata helipad being operated by us,” he said.There are about 500 homes in these cut off towns like Jugju, Juagoar, Gwar, Lata, Suki, Balgaoun, Tolma, Fagti, Long, Rainipalli, Pang and Surai Thoha, a senior main present on the ground said.Another officer based in Uttarakhand said a fresh team of the ITBP is now looking for survivors in the Tapovan barrage area where the flood waters hit on Sunday leading to big scale damage to the structure.”Some videos have actually emerged that show those dealing with the barrage jumped down. We are looking for least 30-35 missing out on people in this location at a depth of about 30 feet,” he stated.

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