Ikea ceases paper brochure after 70 years

Ikea has today announced that it will no longer publish its paper brochure, after a shift towards online shopping.

The Swedish business is terminating the popular book as part of its ambition to become a “more digital and available service”.

At its peak, over 200 million copies of the catalogue were printed and distributed each year, frequently outselling the Bible.

The present 2020 copy will be the last edition to display the whole of the interior giant’s stock.

A representative stated: “Over the past couple of years Ikea has actually become more digital and available, and accepted new methods to connect and interact with more individuals.

” As customer behaviour and media usage has actually changed, the Ikea brochure has actually been used less.

” Throughout the years it has actually ended up being an iconic and cherished publication, and has been an essential method for Ikea to reach and inspire the many people across the world with home furnishing services and items,” they said.

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As a homage and event of the brochure’s historic success, Ikea plans to release a book in autumn 2021 comprised of “fantastic house providing motivation and knowledge”.

Konrad Gross, managing director, Inter Ikea Systems B.V. cited a 45 per cent boost in website sales as critical to the change.

He described the catalogue as a publication that influenced “a lot of emotions, memories and pleasure”.

He stated: “For 70 years it has been among our most distinct and renowned items, which has actually motivated billions of people throughout the world.

” Turning the page on our cherished catalogue is in fact a natural procedure since media usage and consumer behaviours have actually altered.

” In order to reach and communicate with the numerous people, we will keep inspiring with our home providing services in brand-new methods,” he added.

Ikea’s very first catalogue was published in 1951 by billionaire founder Ingvar Kamprad.

With a print run of 285,000, the copies were at first dispersed throughout Southern Sweden only.

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