Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton satirize relationship in ‘funny’

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton poked fun at their relationship in a T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial which saw the star couple envision an alternate explanation for their first date.

In the industrial, which takes place a “couple of years ago,” Stefani can be seen speaking to Adam Levine over video call, throughout which she describes that she thinks she is ready to begin dating once again.

In action to Levine’s question concerning what she is searching for in a partner, Stefani informs the Maroon 5 singer: “I’m ill of LA guys. I desire someone completely various, possibly from another country, and somebody cultured and sensitive and who is not threatened by a strong female.”

However, due to Levine’s unfortunate “spotty” cell service, what he in fact heard was: “I’m ill of LA people. I want somebody [who is] completely country … uncultured … and threatened by a strong confident lady.”

The description prompts Levine to react that he “has your man,” only for Stefani to be surprised when Shelton shows up at their blind date.

Looking up from her menu in confusion as Shelton walks up, the vocalist says: “Blake? Umm, oh my god, funny right? I imply, no.”

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After Shelton asks her what she indicates, she reacts: “Are you using stimulates? Did you ride a horse here?”

” Do not trust your love life to simply any network,” the ad concludes.

The amusing commercial, made all the more ironic considering Stefani and Shelton revealed their engagement in 2015, was met applause on social media, where people called the advertisement one of the very best of the nights.

” T-Mobile winning the ad battle up until now. That was amusing!” someone tweeted.

Another said: “Yup that Gwen Stefani/Blake Shelton TMobile commercial is winning the night up until now. # SuperBowlLV.”

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