Graphene developer solves 150 years of age sand castle mystery

A 150-year-old physics secret relating to how sand castles hold together has been resolved by the innovator of the “wonder product” graphene.

Teacher Sir Andre Geim, who won the 2010 Nobel Reward in Physics for his deal with graphene, led a group at the University of Manchester to fix a mathematical puzzle that has baffled scientists because it was first proposed by Victorian physicist Lord Kelvin.

The Kelvin formula centres around a natural phenomenon referred to as capillary condensation, which is the procedure that causes water particles to bind grains of sand together when damp.

This kind of tiny condensation is fundamental to typical physical processes like friction and adhesion, however previously physicists were required to rely upon the insufficient Kelvin equation that only describes binding forces on a macroscopic level.

” Capillary condensation, a textbook phenomenon, is all around us– and such crucial residential or commercial properties as friction, adhesion, stiction, lubrication and rust are highly affected, if not governed, by capillary condensation,” Professor Geim stated.

In order to prove the process at a tiny level, the scientists produced synthetic blood vessels just one atom high that can accommodating a single layer of water molecules.

The advancement was released in the journal Nature this week, in a paper entitled ‘Capillary condensation under atomic-scale confinement’.

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” This came as a huge surprise. I anticipated a complete breakdown of standard physics,” said co-author Qian Yang.

” The old equation turned out to work well. A bit frustrating but also exciting to lastly solve the century old secret. We can now relax. All those many condensation results and related residential or commercial properties are finally backed by tough evidence rather than an inkling like ‘the old equation appears working– for that reason, it sould be OKAY to utilize it.”

Teacher Geim included: “Great theory typically works beyond it applicability limitations. Lord Kelvin was an amazing scientist, making numerous discoveries however even he would undoubtedly be shocked to discover that his theory– originally thinking about millimetre-sized tubes– holds even at the one-atom scale.

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