Graph reveals Whitty & Vallance’s doomsday 4,000 everyday Covid deaths

SAGE doom-mongers were WRONG when they forecasted 4,000 day-to-day Covid deaths this winter season prior to they plunged the country into a crippling second lockdown, a stunning graph shows.

The black line listed below programs the actual number of deaths compared to the grim “winter circumstance” set out by Chris Whitty and Patrick Valance.

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Because mid-November, deaths have been below even the most conservative projection by the government scientific advisers.

And according to The Viewer, this low number of deaths over the last two weeks is not due to the lockdown.

That’s since it takes 3 to four weeks for changes in restrictions to display in Covid casualty data.

The existing figures – which reveal everyday deaths peaking at 425 on Nov. 18 – actually shows pre-lockdown infections, the report says.

This comes as Michael Gove has revealed that the choice to plunge England into a second lockdown – devastating companies throughout the country – was RUSHED.

Writing in The Times, the cabinet minister said he remained in Surrey on a Friday morning when he was summoned to an “action conference” in London.

He composed: “Obviously, I ‘d change my journal: was the meeting tomorrow, or Sunday? No– please get back to London as quickly as possible.”

And the federal government were cautioned that the SAGE winter season scenarios might be wildly unreliable.

At the start of November, the predications were branded “Noddy Land figures” and “plainly ropey” by specialists who said the modelling that provided the figure was obsoleted.

Former Supreme Court Judge Lord Sumption stated: “Some of the data they have produced over the last couple of days simply don’t bear a minute’s assessment.

” The most extreme one is the recommendation that there could be up to 4,000 deaths a day.

” That is a figure which no country has actually ever come close to. These are outright Noddy Land figures.”

Microbiologist Teacher David Livermore added that the figures are “plainly ropey stats” and said they “just do not make sense”.

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Following the criticism, primary medical officer Professor Whitty said he had personally “never ever used” the type of six-week forecast that Boris Johnson used to declare 4,000 deaths a day might occur by December.

And Sir Patrick Vallance confirmed the chart was shown to the PM the week before he revealed plans for a second national lockdown

Yet, insiders played down the significance of the slide with a source saying: “There was nobody graph that turned the tide.”

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