Drama unfolds in Karnataka after Upper Home adjournment: BJP seeks

[h3] [/h3] [h3] [/h3] BENGALURU: The judgment BJP on Friday approached the Raj Bhavan in continuation of its efforts to overthrow Legal Council chairman K Prathapchandra Shetty, a candidate of the Congress, elected to the coveted post when the JD(S)-Congress union ruled Karnataka.The BJP has submitted a three-page letter to governor VR Vala grumbling about the conduct of Shetty as council chairman highlighting his efforts to hang on to his position though he has lost self-confidence of bulk of members. The trigger for the letter was Shetty adjourning the Council sine pass away on Thursday in neglect to the federal government’s recommendations to conduct the session till all bills are passed, and the no-confidence movement against him was decided.The BJP members of the Council consisting of deputy chief minister Lakshman Savadi, home leader Kota Srinivas Poojari and chief whip Mahantesh Kavatagimath have actually sought guv’s intervention, and a “message under Article 175 of the Constitution of India,” directing the council chairman to hold the session till December 15 as set up before.”In our view, the chairman does not take pleasure in most of your home and it is undesirable that without the bulk he wishes to continue as chairman till next session,” the letter said.The BJP had given a notification of no-confidence versus the chairman on November 25, and the chairman was supposed to enable the resolution. The BJP said it waited till yesterday waiting for the motion to be noted on the agenda. The government representatives had actually said in business advisory committee that your house be assembled till Dec 15 in view of the pendency of costs. Nevertheless, the chairman turned this down, and adjourned your home. “This unconstitutional behaviour on the part of the chairman of the council can not be allowed under the law.”The BJP and JD(S) have come together, and want to vote the chairman out as he comes from the Congress celebration. The BJP can overthrow the chairman only if it has the ability to get the JD(S) support as the ruling party does not have varieties of its own to unseat Shetty from the council chairman post.

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