Do not weep for me, Jackie Weaver: Lloyd Webber composes homage to Zoom

There are lots of things Americans struggle to comprehend about the English: our love of a cup of tea on a hot summer day, the rules of cricket, the concept of universal healthcare free at the point of shipment. To this list we can now include: a national obsession with a tiny parish council conference gone wrong.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has said his buddies in the United States think he is “mad” after he produced a song about Jackie Weaver, the heroine of the Handforth parish council meeting, which went viral last week.

The impresario has launched an ode to the primary officer of the Cheshire Association of Regional Councils, inspired by her cool handling of the disorderly Zoom meeting.

Talking to Great Early Morning Britain, Lloyd Webber stated he composed the song while bored at the weekend. “It was just a laugh, I was not doing anything on a Sunday afternoon,” he stated. The council meeting was “sort of operatic”, he included.

” At the moment the Americans believe I’m stark raving mad because they heard this tune. They are stating, ‘Who in the world is Jackie Weaver?'”.

Lloyd Webber stated a good friend from New york city had called him “and woke me up and stated, ‘Who is Jackie Weaver?’ And I said, ‘Well, it’s a really British thing’.”.

He joked at the prospect of turning the song into a West End musical: “You never ever know! Individuals said Eva Perón (Evita) was a bad idea.”.

Lloyd Webber released the song on Instagram, captioning it: “A song for Jackie Weaver, all of us like you!”.

The author plays the piano and Carrie Hope Fletcher sings, with lyrics by Don Black. The chorus hails Weaver as “Britain’s answer to the American dream” and “the role model all of us aim to be. She does not desire a medal, simply a good cup of tea.”.

Weaver ended up being an over night internet sensation after she kicked the Handforth parish council chairman, Brian Tolver, off the Zoom call after he told her to “stop talking” and questioned her authority.

She has actually considering that appeared on BBC’s Lady’s Hour, been immortalised in cake and become the face of an excessive array of merchandise, consisting of T-shirts, mugs and greetings cards.

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