Covid: England adds Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya and Philippines to

The Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya, and Bangladesh are to be contributed to England’s “red list” of nations from which nearly all travel is prohibited, ministers have actually revealed.

The additions, which enter into result next Friday, will take the variety of red list nations to 39, as the government battles to avoid potentially vaccine-resistant variants of Covid-19 from coming to the UK.

British and Irish nationals and homeowners can return from red-list countries, however they must pay to get in compulsory hotel quarantine.

The changes will enter result at 4am on 9 April, according to a statement provided on Friday. “The government has made it regularly clear it will take definitive action if necessary to consist of the infection and has added these destinations to the red list to safeguard public health,” the declaration said.

Ministers have rejected the concept of widening the list to consist of European countries such as France and Germany, where a third wave of Covid infections is triggering growing concern about the capacity for mutations.

Boris Johnson informed the liaison committee of senior MPs last week that positioning France on the red list might not be dismissed, however highlighted the close trading and other ties between the two countries that would make it tough to implement.

” We are definitely looking at that however individuals should be under no impressions that it would have repercussions,” he stated, worrying the high volume of cross-channel trade.

Labour has called for a “extensive” hotel quarantine system, to avoid the arrival of additional cases of Covid mutations, in specific the South African version, which some studies have shown appears to have some resistance to vaccines.

The prime minister is expected to set out even more information on Monday of how choices will be made about when foreign travel could resume more widely.

A “traffic light” system is expected to be introduced in the summer that could allow at least some travel to countries with an effective vaccination programme and with few cases of “versions of concern”.

Johnson is also expected to confirm at a Downing Street interview on Monday that the next phase of his roadmap will go on as planned on 12 April. In stage 2, non-essential stores and hair stylists will reopen, and clubs and cafes will be able to serve customers outside.

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