Clarify on claim 3 crore provision cards cancelled: Supreme Court to

The Supreme Court on Wednesday looked for responses from the Centre on the contention that three crore ration cards were cancelled across the country over supposed absence of Aadhaar cards to confirm identities. The petition taken up on Wednesday was submitted in SC right after a 2017 alleged hunger death of 11-year-old Santoshi Kumari.Her mother Koili Devi’s petition contended there was crises in India’s hinterland due to the Centre’s persistence that provision cards be connected to Aadhaar after the SC promoted validity of Aadhaar for federal government plans. “This is a serious problem,” stated Chief Justice of India SA Bobde when senior advocate Colin Gonsalves drew his attention to the petition. This suggested an average of 10 lakh provision cards per state, Gonsalves stated and prompted the court to action in and take corrective steps.In other cases, cases, absence of connection saw that even those with Aadhaar cards were not able to confirm it by matching their finger prints and iris to that in the centralised Aadhaar data. Additional Solicitor General Aman Lekhi denied the contention that three crore cards were cancelled. He instead placed the onus of any such happenings on state governments which were in charge of executing the food subsidy schemes.”If ration cards are not there, states should take responsibility,” Lekhi argued. Although all states are parties to the plea, only some have submitted their reactions so far. Food right activists claimed that many starvation deaths have actually happened after the government insisted that residents, particularly in poorer parts of the country, use Aadhaar as identity evidence to get food subsidies. No state government has actually admitted to hunger deaths, however. On its part, the Centre firmly insists that it had provided clarifications to state governments that nobody would be rejected food rations and those who did not have Aadhaar might get the benefits by usiing other identity proofs such as citizen I-cards.

The Centre too has denied there have actually been starvation deaths due to lack of grain aids and ration cards cancelled over Aadhaar. Numerous deceitful ration cards were cancelled to prevent aid leakages, the Centre has stated.

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