Charlie Hebdo criticised for ‘offensive’ animation of Meghan

French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo has sparked outrage with a cartoon depiction of Queen Elizabeth kneeling on the neck of Meghan Markle, echoing the death of George Floyd.

The questionable publication’s cartoon follows the Duchess of Sussex, and her hubby, Prince Harry, informed United States interviewer Oprah Winfrey of apparent bigotry within the royal household, though they did not criticise the Queen. But Markle stated courtiers declined her permission to leave Kensington Palace on event and that she as soon as only left twice in four months, leading her to experience extreme loneliness and suicidal ideations.

In the cartoon, released on Saturday and titled “Why Meghan gave up”, the Duchess of Sussex is depicted saying, “Since I couldn’t breathe anymore”.

Halima Begum, the chief executive of the Runnymede Trust, the UK’s race equality thinktank, said that it was “wrong on every level”.

” The Queen as George Floyd’s murderer squashing Meghan’s neck?” she tweeted. “Meghan stating she’s not able to breathe? This doesn’t press limits, make anyone laugh or difficulty bigotry. It demeans the issues and triggers offense, across the board.”

Prince William this week defended the monarchy against allegations of bigotry made by the Sussexes, saying: “We’re very much not a racist household.”

The cartoon also angered some of those keen on the Queen, as she is displayed in a very derogatory light– red-eyed, gurning, with hairy legs.

In 2015, 11 individuals including the leading editor and a few of its leading cartoonists were killed as brothers Stated and Chérif Kouachi assaulted the publication’s Paris head office after the publication published questionable animations of the Prophet Muhammad. 2 days later on, a good friend of the brothers, Amédy Coulibaly, hijacked and eliminated 4 individuals at a kosher grocery store in Paris. Charlie Hebdo republished the cartoons last year.

In France, where secularism is preserved in the republic’s constitution, the publication is seen as a crucial symbol of a country not bound by spiritual guideline. However others view Charlie Hebdo as provocative and inconsiderate of the major problems faced by oppressed groups.

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