Campaign songs in Tamil Nadu adapt to altering tunes of virtual

(This story initially appeared in on Mar 12, 2021).

The AIADMK’s propaganda team just recently released a short video as part of the campaign, or rather ‘counter project’ versus the DMK. ‘The 2020 DMK Awards’ compiled shots of a dancing M K Stalin with the Todas captioned ‘Ungalil yaar adutha Michael Jackson’ (‘ Who among you is the next Michael Jackson’). It likewise nominated a rather disgruntled-looking Duraimurugan as the ‘classic villain’.

For years, celebrations such as the DMK and the AIADMK had turned to songs inside and outside of movie theater to endorse their leaders and key ideologies.

Today however, the poignant melodies of the yesteryears have actually led the way for crisp, teasing product that is likewise creative in its technique – like what the AIADMK released – or VFX-laden, high tempo video with charged lyrics.The transition can be singularly owed to the age of tech, states political expert Ramu Manivannan. “There was a time when tunes were utilized as crowd-pullers. Today, what celebrations need is material that can resonate with the electorate independently, in the convenience of their homes.” The rundown for many years has been to highlight the shortcomings of the ruling celebration and the ways in which we would set them right, says vocalist songwriter Iraianbu Kuthos. “If our celebration was in power, we would sing praises of its accomplishments and poll pledges,” includes Kuthos, who penned the DMK’s brand-new propaganda tune ‘Stalin daan vararu, vidiyal thara poraru’ (Stalin is on his method with solutions). This style of product comes highly recommended by poll strategists and is created by not just ardent celebration insiders but movie trainees and professionals too, often times at a strong budget plan.” Our new numbers have actually reached lakhs of youths. To interest them, our discussion too has become cinematic,” states Kuthos.The songs are often preceded by memes, teasers and ‘first-look’ posters due to their ‘shareability’ on social media, where much of the debate and hoopla occurs throughout the election season.’ Vandhan Oruvan Vandhan’, a new release by Naam Tamilar Katchi, is a fine example. It has been penned by Murali Manohar, a film trainee and previous associate to director Shankar, who calls himself an ardent NTK fan. A couple of months back, he and his bro Prabakaran, a music composer, decided to assemble a fan-made tune, which quickly became their ticket to acknowledgment from party chief Seeman. “He provided us the green flag and celebration funds to make a full-fledged music video,” says Murali.What they gave back is a robust anthem that utilizes the heated, revolutionary language akin to the one Seeman is known for, to throw light on topics that often fire up those mass gatherings– the tradition of Tamil Tiger supremo Prabhakaran, Tamil nationalism and farmer rights, among others.During election time, the quick is to highlight the accomplishments of the celebration, says T Subha, senior copywriter with city advertising agency Madarth, who wrote lyrics for a brand-new video on ‘Smart City Kovai’ for the AIADMK. “I was asked to write the song with social inclusion as the core style, while highlighting other success stories,” states Subha. The party’s popular new campaign tune, ‘Vetri nadai podum Thamizhagame’ too remains true to this structure, highlighting the celebration’s instructional and employment policies.

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