Brits ‘set to be struck by substantial tax rises to pay for Covid spending’

BRITS are set to be walloped with tax rises to spend for the Covid-shaped hole in the accounts, a top economic expert cautioned last night.

Paul Johnson, head of the Institute for Fiscal Researches, said the economy will be smaller sized for several years to come but public spending will continue growing.

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He said Chancellor Rishi Sunak will need to whack up taxes to plug the shortfall and spend for the ballooning health and social care budgets.

But Mr Johnson said he does not expect huge tax increases in next month’s Budget plan, however later on in the year.

He informed the Treasury Committee: “I believe it is pretty not likely that taxes will not rise as a portion of nationwide earnings.

” There are 3 factors for that. One is that probably the economy will be smaller sized in three or 4 years’ time than it would have been without the pandemic having taken place.

” That will indicate less tax earnings and at least the very same level of investing demand.

” Second of all, I think there will in fact be a higher level of investing demand.

” It appears to me unlikely that we will accept the very same level of spending on health, education and social care as it looked like we would previously.”

He included: “Thirdly, we have always known the cost of health and pensions over this decade was going to be rising reasonably substantially.

” I would be truly surprised if taxes as a portion of national income were not higher than they were pre pandemic.”

Mr Sunak is anticipated to raise Corporation tax in next month’s Spending plan.


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He is likewise weighing up whether or not to extend the stamp responsibility and organization rates holidays.

Most experts reckon the Budget will be concentrated on bailing out organizations for the rest of the Covid lockdown.

While longer term propositions to reform the tax system are expected to be kicked down the roadway up until later on in the year.

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