Brits might need to wear masks for another YEAR regardless of Covid vaccine

BRITS could be informed to keep using face masks for a year in spite of the roll-out of coronavirus vaccines, the federal government’s chief clinical officer has alerted.

Sir Patrick Vallance hailed the start of the UK’s largest ever immunisation programme as a “remarkable day” though life will not begin returning to regular in the UK till spring next year.

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And said the public should be prepared to be wearing masks for the entire of next year.

” It may be that next winter even with vaccination we need measures like masks in place,” he said.

” We don’t know yet how great all the vaccines are going to be at preventing the transmission of the infection.”

Sir Patrick discussed that in spite of knowing that the vaccine prevents the virus taking hold in the body, it is not yet known if it prevents transmission among the vaccinated to the non-vaccinated.

” It’s going to take quite a long period of time to ensure everybody in the at-risk groups and all of the groups that are tough to reach get immunized as suitable.”

He stated it was at least a month or more before you see complete resistance with the vaccine, including: “It is very important we all stay with the guidelines in the meantime – the guidelines are what’s keeping the virus down.”

Sir Patrick’s comments come after a 90-year-old gran became the first Brit to be provided the new coronavirus vaccine today in a historic minute in the battle against the virus.

Margaret Keenan – called Maggie to friends and family – celebrated with a cup of tea after being given the life-saving Covid jab at 6.31 am at her regional medical facility in Coventry, West Mids.

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She is amongst hundreds of OAPs and NHS staff to get the vaccine on what is being called V-Day after the UK became the first nation in the world to begin using the Pfizer vaccine after regulators approved its use recently.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock stated the start of the present of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine meant there was “finally” a “way through” the coronavirus crisis.

NHS will broaden its vaccination programme next week, with the Pfizer jabs presented beyond 70 hospitals to around 300 GP hubs, targeting those aged 80 and over.

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