British Pie Week: 8 pies to attempt from around the world

Pies, pies, pies. For some of us it’s the flaky pastry and gooey filling. For others, it’s the firm shortcrust you can slice with the side of a fork, deftly stabilizing its scrumptious cargo as it enters your mouth.

And after that there’s a pie that’s not a pie Think home pie and fish pie– both adored for their piping hot, savoury fillings, without any pastry in sight.

British Pie Week (March 1-7) celebrates all manner of pies, but if you’re keen to branch off from your typical chicken and mushroom, here are a few of the very best styles of pie from around the world …

1. Tuna empanada pie.

A Spanish preferred, empanadas come with all types of fillings but tuna with sofrito (gently fried onions, garlic, tomatoes and veggies) is a go-to. Specifically cleaned down with an ice cold glass of albariño, the gewurztraminer of Galicia.

2. Spanakopita

Crispy layers of filo pastry are the name of the game here, with a savoury filling of spinach and feta cheese. A Greek reward, light enough to enjoy as a starter or side meal.

3. Hachis parmentier

Pointed out as the French variation of shepherd’s pie, however normally laden with Emmental cheese, it’s named after the famous developer and nutritionist, Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, who fervently publicised potatoes in France in the 1700s.

4. Pastel de carne

Taken Pleasure In throughout South America, this pie is made from ground meat and hard boiled eggs, topped with mashed potatoes and cheese, and is most commonly associated with Brazil.

5. Mpanate

A Sicilian speciality, mpanate is traditionally delighted in at lunch break on Easter Sunday and it’s generally made with the exact same dough as focaccia. With a filling of lamb mince, leafy greens and olives, this would make a charming addition to your Easter spread.

6. Secret lime pie

American through and through, think fresh limes from the Florida Keys, a crumbly biscuit base kissed with the sweet taste of condensed milk and double cream, shot through with vibrant lime juice.

7. Zwetschgenwähe

You may be amazed to learn this Swiss meal does not include any of the country’s most popular food export, chocolate. A fruit pie made with plums and a custard like filling, ‘wähe’ and its pie crust base can likewise be filled with savoury garnishes.

8. Suikertaart

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