Britain has now immunized more individuals than the entire of the EU put

BRITAIN has now vaccinated more people than the whole of the EU assembled.

Some 13million Brits have actually had a very first dosage, compared to 12.18 million people in the 27 EU countries.

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The figure emerged as Brussels managers were required to admit being far too sluggish.

Despite an apology, Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen insisted allowing member states to purchase jabs separately “would have been the end of our community”.

The Commission chief confessed that the bloc’s vaccine programme hasn’t gone as well as hoped.

She stated: “We were late to authorise, we were too positive when it concerned mass production, and maybe we were too confident that what we bought would really be delivered on time.

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” We require to ask ourselves why that holds true and what lessons we can draw from this experience.”

She likewise apologised for the EU’s risk to activate a vaccine border in Ireland, calling it a “error I deeply are sorry for”.

Dutch MEP Derk Jan Eppink advised her to resign while French MEP Manon Aubry called for a formal examination.

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