Boris Johnson’s phone number must be more protected, says security

A UK national security consultant has actually said Boris Johnson should be a lot more digitally protected after reports that the prime minister’s cellphone number has been available online for the past 15 years.

Peter Ricketts stated Johnson’s telephone call may well include “sensitive material” and “people trying to lobby them for favours, or tax benefits, or talks with foreign leaders”.

Asked if there could be security concerns, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that if the number had been widely offered, it might not be dismissed that hostile states or criminal gangs might have access to it.

” I understand that modern systems like WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, nonetheless I think one would be fretted if a hostile state, who had advanced abilities, had the cellphone number itself,” he stated.

” That need to increase the risk that they have the ability to be all ears on some a minimum of the interactions that are going on, and perhaps other non-state actors as well, like sophisticated criminal gangs. So, there is no chance of understanding whether that’s true, but there need to a minimum of be an increased risk if the number is widely readily available.

” And there, I believe you do need to accept, just as you do– you can’t simply walk around by yourself and speak with anyone you like– equally you shouldn’t remain in a position where anybody who when had your contact number can get to you when you are a prime minister,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

A contact number for Johnson was noted on the bottom of a press release when he was still shadow college minister in 2006– a file that was still readily available online in 2021.

Reports this month suggested senior officials had encouraged Johnson to change his number due to the fact that of issues about the number of people called him directly.

Downing Street decreased to discuss the report, exposed on the Popbitch website, that Johnson’s contact number was offered online to anybody who searched for it.

The press release, which related to his work as a shadow minister, invited journalists to contact Johnson directly on either a Commons office number or his mobile.

The Home Office minister said Johnson knew his obligations on national security. “The prime minister, more than anyone, understands his duties when it pertains to national security,” Victoria Atkins informed Times Radio Breakfast.

” I’m slightly surprised that a national broadcaster felt it suitable to advertise the reality that mobile phone is on the internet if certainly it is.”

She included that she believed the public was not “especially interested” in the concern.

Lord Ricketts said it was for Johnson’s interest that his number must be secured, and it was “one of the inconveniences of being a prime minister”.

Johnson’s use of his smart phone has actually remained in the spotlight after text exchanges with the business owner Sir James Dyson and Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman were leaked.

Ricketts stated: “So that there can be no suspicion of favours requested and done or the example that we are now seeing with the exchanges that we see with James Dyson. I believe it’s for the prime minister’s own interest to be far more digitally safe than seems to be the case now.”

This month, No 10 refused to deny reports that Simon Case, the head of the civil service, suggested to the prime minister that he alter numbers due to the fact that his present one was too commonly known.

Efforts to call the number on Thursday night were consulted with an automated message saying the phone was “switched off” and an invite to “please attempt later or send a text”.

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