BJP efforts to persuade western UP community leaders on merits of agri

New Delhi: The BJP’s efforts to convince the khap pradhans (community leaders) of western Uttar Pradesh about the merits of the contentious central farm laws got off to an indifferent start as some pradhans refused to satisfy them while others said after the conference that they stayed steadfast in their opposition to the laws.

“The minister Sanjeev Balyan pertained to fulfill us along with the MLAs and other leaders. I can’t decline since that is not our culture,” Gajendra Ahlawat, head of Ahlawat Khap, told ET.

“I raised our issues on the farm laws and the minister assured to take it to the higher level within the federal government. We are supporting the farmers’ movement.”Numerous other khap leaders, nevertheless, stated they declined to fulfill the BJP leaders and rather attracted them to fulfill the farmer leaders of Sanyukt Kisan Morcha, the umbrella body of farmers unions which is leading the farmers’ agitation, in Delhi.”There are 40 farmer leaders who are leading the agitation. Rather than fulfilling us, the federal government should attempt to satisfy these leaders and persuade them,” stated Surender Singh of Desh Khap. Singh said that he got a call from the workplace of Baghpat MP Satya Buddy Singh and he stated as much to them.Vivek Chauhan, the head of Chauhan-Pawar Mitra Khap stated senior ministers in the government ought to go to the demonstration sites and attempt to convince the farmers sitting there. “If you are prepared to take the laws back for one and half years, why can’t you take them back totally?” he said.Others such as Chaubees Khap leader Subhash Chaprauli and Pawar Khap leader Dharmveer Singh Pawar also stated that they will not be satisfying the BJP leaders. Two khap heads, Chaudhary Surajmal of Battisa Khap and Sachin Chaudhary of Jawla Khap, launched their videos requesting the BJP leaders not to come to fulfill them.Sarva Khap leader Subhash Balyan, nevertheless, said there was no mention of farm laws in his meeting with BJP leaders on Saturday. “It was just an informal meeting as they came to my home. Soon all the khaps will meet to choose the way forward on this,” he said.

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